Definitions for "STARS"
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Stars is a Canadian indie pop band. Originally formed in Toronto by vocalist Torquil Campbell and keyboardist Chris Seligman, the band relocated to New York City and then subsequently to Montreal.
Stars was released in 1975 by Warner Bros. Records. The album was Cher's third flop album of the 1970s.
Stars is the fourth album by UK pop/soul/jazz band Simply Red, released in September 1991. It included the singles "Stars", "For Your Babies", "Something Got Me Started", "Your Mirror" and "Thrill Me".
Statewide Training and Regional Support. Oklahoma's in-service training package for both individuals and
a statewide youth alliance composed of high school students who choose to make a difference in their local communities
STatewide Accounting and Reporting System operated by the State Controller's Office.
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is Standard & Poor's Stock Appreciation Ranking System. S&P ranks the stock's six- to 12-month price appreciation potential with a five-star grading system. A strong buy opinion is expressed with a Five Star ranking. A strong sell is One Star.
A star is the bright burning objects you see ejected from Roman candles, shells, mines etc. consisting of a pyrotechnic composition fashioned into pellets. The pyrotechnic composition is mixed with a binder and a small amount of solvent to make a doughy mass which is then fashioned into stars. The usual methods are to make the composition into a flat pancake or sausage and cut it up into stars ("cut stars"), pushing it through a tube with a dowel, cutting it off at regular intervals ("pumped stars") or rolling cores of lead shot coated in fire clay in a bowl of the composition ("rolled stars"). Cutting and pumping produce cubic or cylindrical stars, while rolling produces spherical stars. Pumped stars are the most suitable for Roman candles, because it is easy to get the correct width. The stars are often dusted with a primer, usually meal black powder, to ensure ignition. Pressed stars involve the composition being pressed extremely hard into a mould with a hydraulic press or similar.
the bright burning objects that make the firework affects you can see. These can be various colours and sizes
Space Time Analysis of Regional Systems: Combines a suite of geocomputational and dynamic visualization modules for the exploratory analysis of data measured for spatial and temporal units.
The Staticly Typed Advanced Recognition System is an extensible and flexible customer data integration solution toolkit.
Surveillance Target Attack Radar System
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an IFMP Pathfiner project for which Goddard is the lead and pilot Center for the agency
in the BCG matrix, the leading strategic business units in a company's portfolio, with high relative market share and based in high-growth industries. p. 350
A term used in the Boston Group Matrix. Stars are high growth businesses or products competing in markets where they are relatively strong compared with the competition. Often they need heavy investment to sustain their growth. Eventually their growth will slow and, assuming they maintain their relative market share, will become cash cows.
products with a dominant share of the market and good prospects for growth (659)
In astrology the distant suns providing the backdrop for the planets. Astrology using the stars on their own merit is known as sidereal astrology.
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Virginia: Time-Life Books, n.d.
Number is an early 1970s text-based computer game for BASIC designed by People's Computer Company in which one must guess a number from one to 100, which the computer is "thinking of." The game is similar to the "colder-warmer" game, but uses one to seven stars to tell you how close the guess is. The game appeared on pages 6 and 7 of the book What to Do After You Hit Return or P.C.C.'s First Book of Computer Games.
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Stars is a wood engraving print by the Dutch artist M. C. Escher which was first printed in 1948.
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Multiple shimmering lights that often crackle and come in different colors.
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a chapter of Romance Writers of America
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Special Tactics And Rescue Services
Student Technology AdvisoRS (~50)
Software Technology for Adaptable, Reliable Systems
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steel still sword the
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a beautiful thing, to everyone
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Small polished diamonds, usually under about one point (0.01 cts) each.
A method of interconnecting computers or communication devices. Each remote network node is connected to a single central network node. Responsibility for control of the communications lies exclusively with central computer.
Standardized Testing and Recording
Short-Term Adjustable Rate Securities