Definitions for "Diamonds"
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Shares in a trust representing all 30 stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Traded on the American Stock Exchange.
A proxy for the Dow Industrial Average...
Shares in an ETF, Diamonds Trust Series I, that track the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The fund is structured as a unit investment trust.
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the third-highest-ranking suit; symbol: .
One of the four suits in a deck of cards and one of the 2 suits colored red. The symbol for diamonds is indicated by figure 5 and looks like a diamond. Figure 5: Diamonds
One of the four playing card suits. It formerly represented merchants.
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Diamonds were discovered in Angola during the Portuguese rule. After the Portuguese left the country, production stopped for a time. UNITA forces moved into the diamond regions (Lunda Norte and Lunda Sul especially) and, through Zaire (DRC), were able to sell the diamonds on the black market to fuel their war. At the end of the civil war, the Angolan government quickly began developing its diamond sector and production is now at over 2 million carats/year and could rise to as much as 6 million carats/yr.
Going northeast into St. Louis on the Interstate Highway, you can see “The Diamonds” on your right. It was, according to my late father-in-law who trucked along the big 66, a wonderful restaurant that catered to the fellas driving the big rigs of bygone days. [Thanks to Carol Hair, Christiansburg, Va.
The markers often found on the edge of a pool table. Inlaid into the table, they are spaced 3 between each pocket. These days, another pattern may be inlaid on more modern tabes, but they still retain the word “diamond”.
Diamonds was a Canadian television series, which aired from 1987 to 1989. The show starred Nicholas Campbell as Mike Devitt and Peggy Smithhart as Christina Towne, a divorced couple who continued to work together as private investigators. Devitt and Towne had originally met as television stars who played married private investigators on a TV series called Two of Diamonds.
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If a girl dreams of diamonds it is a good omen; it denotes marriage to a man of wealth. If a man dreams of giving a diamond to a love interest they must take care in choosing a wife. If you dream about wearing a diamond there will be an unpleasant experience to come with some who they believed to be a friend.
To dream of owning diamonds is a very promising dream signifying great honor and recognition from high places.
a short step away from becoming a producer after it started commissioning the process plant at its Chapada project in Brazil yesterday, with first diamond sales anticipated by next month
The decorative markings along the rails. Used by some players as reference points for
the dots along the rails which divide them into even increments. dot see Diamonds.
Inlays (diamond or circular shaped) on the rails that serve as reference points. They divide the end rails into four equal parts and the side rails into eight equal parts. Also referred to as "sights".
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Valuable gemstone made of pure carbon and the hardest naturally occurring substance on Earth.
a crystallized variety of pure carbon that may be of gem quality.
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"Diamonds" is the second single by Herb Alpert from his Keep Your Eye on Me album.
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Diff Difference check
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Precious stone often depicted on casino slot machines.
a better stone and better deal