Definitions for "Joker"
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An extra card usually included in a deck of playing cards, having the same design as the others on the back, but on the face having a picture of a jester. It is not included in the deck used in most games, but in certain games may be included and then takes on a special value, such as the highest-valued card, or a wild card.
A joker is an additional card in the deck that is used in some games. The jokers aren't often used in serious poker, but when it is it's usually considered a wild card.
A 53rd card in the deck, distinct from the others, used as a wild card or as a Bug.
a fictional creature from the Monster Rancher anime and video game franchise
a roll which results in an equity increase or decrease of more than
A roll much luckier than average, an exceptionally good roll.
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an American innovation
a Pro who takes a break and walks around laughing to himself (see Pro, Break)
A joker is the common name for the representation of a medieval court jester or harlequin. A joker typically wears a floppy, multi-pointed hat made of cloth fabric with jingle bells at the tips of the points. The joker wears colorful clothing, laughs incessantly, and often holds a mock scepter known as a marotte in his hand.
A person; a fellow; a chap; -- usually used in a mildly disparaging sense; as, who's the joker who left the ice cream on the table?.
a person who does something thoughtless or annoying; "some joker is blocking the driveway"
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See Best bower, under 2d Bower.
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One who makes jokes or jests.
Joker is one of the members of the Twelfth Harmonian Southern Fringe Defense Force Unit.
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Fuel state above Bingo at which separation/bugout/event termination should begin.
The common name for the gamble or distance-handling portion of a Gamblers course.
Any fact or condition which is unknown or not apparent, which reverses an apparently advantageous position; a kicker.
A clause placed in a document, such as a contract or a piece of legislation, not itself appearing significant, but in a subtle way substantially changing the effect of the document.
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a person who enjoys telling or playing jokes