Definitions for "Advantageous"
means an assessment of what is in the University's best interests. An After-the-Fact (ATF) purchase occurs when a department makes a purchase for more than $4,500 before the Purchasing Department issues a purchase order. For example, authorizing a vendor to begin work before the Purchasing Department issues a purchase order, even though the department has submitted a purchase requisition, is an ATF. Similarly, obtaining Goods or Services on credit and subsequently submitting the invoice with a payment voucher is an ATF unless it is a purchase specifically allowed to be paid by payment voucher as set forth on the Procurement Service Center website.
giving an advantage; "a contract advantageous to our country"; "socially advantageous to entertain often"
Being of advantage; conferring advantage; gainful; profitable; useful; beneficial; as, an advantageous position; trade is advantageous to a nation.
appropriate for achieving a particular end; implies a lack of concern for fairness
Direct non-financial, work-related benefits accruing to the state.