Definitions for "financial"
a California-based specialty underwriter and distributor of commercial insurance products which, through its subsidiary, PAULA Insurance Co
a member of the global AXA Group
a subsidiary of AXA
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a leader in the tax credit equity market based on our track record, reputation for service, and size
FINANCIAL is the weekly english language newspaper with offices in Tbilisi, Georgia and Kiev, Ukraine. Published by Intelligence Groul LLC FINANCIAL is focused on opinion leaders and top business decision-makers; It's about world’s largest companies, investing, careers, and small business. Newspaper is distributed in Georgia and Ukraine.
Services Specialist ^Submenu A Financial Services Specialist (FSS) is a Western Michigan University professional employee who counsels and assists students and families in finding options to fund your college education. They are also called financial aid counselors, financial aid administrators and financial aid advisors.
a national insurance broker specializing in small to large group health and employee benefits
an experienced buyer of CDD/ SA and multifamily bonds
Related to finance.
Project relates to financial and related business functions of the University, such as accounting, budgeting, purchasing, etc.
relating to or involving finance.
refers to costs and benefits accounted for in economic or market systems and accruing to waste management service providers
To do with the management and study of money, economics and finance.
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Pertaining to finance.
a marketing affiliate of the services mentioned on this page
involving financial matters; "fiscal responsibility"
having to do with money matters.
Primarily refers to shareholder cases that are enforced by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).
a HUD-approved lender (US Department of Housing and Urban Development)
an insurance and risk management company
a one-of-a-kind company
A member who maintains a good financial status in their organization.