Definitions for "Housing"
The act of putting or receiving under shelter; the state of dwelling in a habitation.
That which shelters or covers; houses, taken collectively.
Defined by the Douglas Commission as "both a product and a process." The process is obvious. The product "includes all of the immediate physical environment, both within and outside of buildings in which families and households live, grow, and decline. It is largely man-made. Its primary functions are three: To provide (1) comfortable shelter; (2) a proper setting, both within the structure and in its neighborhood, for the day-to-day activities of families and households, of small informal groups of children and adults, and of the individuals who make them up; and (3) the focus and location of families and other groups within the larger physical pattern of the family."
A cover or cloth for a horse's saddle, as an ornamental or military appendage; a saddlecloth; a horse cloth; in plural, trappings.
An appendage to the hames or collar of a harness.
stable gear consisting of a decorated covering for a horse, especially (formerly) for a warhorse
steel "tube" assembly that has a 3rd member "receptacle" in the center and axle bearing housings on the ends. This unit spans side to side in the vehicle and requires bracketry to be welded to it to attach it to the vehicle. Currie manufactures these in custom widths to fit virtually any application.
A steel "tube" assembly that has the third member "receptical" in the center and the axle bearing housings on the ends. This unit spans side to side in the vehicle and requires brackets to be welded to it to attach it to the vehicle.
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The space taken out of one solid, to admit the insertion of part of another, as the end of one timber in the side of another.
Incoming freshman planning to live on campus should apply online as soon as they have decided to attend (it's free to apply and you don't have to be admitted). There are many off-campus options in the surrounding areas.
The shallow mortise or cavity for receiving the major part of a timber end. Usually coupled with a smaller deep mortise to receive a tenon for tying the joint. Joinery: The art or craft of connecting timbers using wood working joints.
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The resesses or large coves turned onto the nave (q.v), where the breast and hind bonds are shrunk on.
That portion of a mast or bowsprit which is beneath the deck or within the vessel.
A covering or protection, as an awning over the deck of a ship when laid up.
A cylindrical metal case which protects downhole electrical circuitry. Particularly, a housing which encases the electronic cartridge of the downhole logging instrument. The housing protects the cartridge from damage from pressure and moisture.
a community of undergraduate, predominantly upper-level UCI students who are affiliated with either a sponsored Academic Theme House or a Greek chapter
Internal software module used to record and store information relating to residence hall student room assignments and meal plan selection.
UAF offers dormitories and apartments for single and married students, faculty and staff.
We act in assisting tenants mortgagees in relation to possession actions for arrears, those with disrepair claims and conducts homelessness cases. We act in cases in the main against Local Authorities, Housing Associations and private landlords.
A lawsuit which is brought into court by the City of Chicago in reference to housing violations, which include but is not limited to, lead paint, broken windows, broken stairs, heat cases, etc.
Advice in respect of the letting and management of housing in the public, private and voluntary sectors.
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a site selection category of economic development data that locations use to promote or inform prospects of what they have to offer. The category may show up as housing availability. Look for it as a a sub-category under relocation or quality of life. The latter category is an informational item that is useful during site location. list of elements of site selection list of elements of location selection What are the categories of economic development data
Supercedes piston cylinder walls and head. Two kinds: peripheral and side . The latter has three sub-types: front, central, and rear (depending on the number of rotors).
The plastic case in which a compact disc sits.
The insulating body, usually a plastic moulding which holds the electrical contacts. Housings are also referred to as insulators, dielectrics or shells.
a rigid cylinder or backing to support a transparent plastic film coating (called an optical lighting film
Financing to affordable housing developers and individuals. Housing financing to individuals is typically loans to support homeownership and home improvement. Financing to developers is for predevelopment, acquisition, construction, renovation, lines of credit, working capital, and mortgage loans to support the development of rental housing, service-enriched housing, transitional housing, or residential housing.
The part of a compass that contains the magnetic needle, usually filled with fluid and turnable.
Part of a hollow die that replaces the die ring and is another term for a mandrel when referring to a self-contained die.
Housing is a type of cage used to contain animals during space flight.
and Urban Development (HUD) The U.S. government agency that administers FHA, GNMA and other housing programs.
The presence of a Web server within a Server farm of an Internet Service Provider (ISP). It is then possible to administer a computer with any operating system and with all the server-side scripts one needs. An obligatory option, even if costly, for websites with heavy traffic or with particular needs.
Protective enclosure that a camera can be placed in to protect it from outside weather conditions.
Enclosure for recessed sockets and trim above the ceiling.
A ported enclosure which directs the flow of a gas through the filter element. ( 099)
Made from porcelain or Pyrex glass, a housing is mounted in the sign and provides the contact between the electrode and the lead-in wire.
See Mounting dimensions
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A niche for a statue.
Housing, Bedding and Mastitis Feeding Arrangement
Buying or Selling a House Fencing & Neighbours General Tenancy
A frame or support for holding something in place, such as a piece of machinery, journal boxes, etc.
A device used to hold a filter.
(n.) That part of a locking device which is designed to hold a core. Source: Lock Industry Standards and Training (LIST) Council
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Main body of a ceiling fan that connects the motor and other components.
The main or largest portion of a connector to which other portions are attached or enclosed.
Body of a fixture.
the body of a luminaire
Describes several aspects of a sensor: body style, housing material, and sealing capacity.
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a groove running across the grain
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See Hood.
to-income ratio A ratio used by lending institutions to determine whether a person is qualified for a mortgage. Housing-to-income is the total cost of housing divided by gross monthly income.
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See cable housing.
housing structures collectively; structures in which people are housed
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This term refers to locating of servers. Due to this you do not need a user-to-user-connection.
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A houseline. See Houseline.