Definitions for "Enclosure"
Inclosure. See Inclosure.
The practice of enclosing common land to turn it into private landholdings. This practice increased substantially during the last two decades of the 18th century, often to the disadvantage of the poor.
(see Inclosure)
An addition to RSS that allows multimedia files (such as those used in podcasts) to be included along with each item in an RSS file.
an element in the an RSS file that points to a file related to the article that the user may want to download, such as a movie or image file
an element of your RSS Feed which refers to a media file enclosed in the post
A surrounding case that protects equipment from its environment, and protects personnel against contact with the enclosed equipment. (7/96)
An area fenced to confine animals.
The physical volume or area in which zoo animals are confined, usually for display; the barriers and holding facilities related to it.
The metal box or housing in which equipment is mounted, available in designs for various environmental conditions.
A box housing a speaker to separate the front sound waves from the rear sound waves.
A box that holds a loudspeaker.
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a physical barrier erected around the asbestos works area which is sealed to minimise leakage so that, as far as possible, asbestos dust and waste arising from the work is prevented from spreading to the surrounding environment
Construction of an airtight structure that surrounds an object; for example, the asbestos-containing material (ACMs).
an airtight, impermeable, permanent barrier around ACBM to prevent the release of asbestos fibers into the air.
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Encasing a materials with a permanent hard sealant as drywall or paneling.
Panels of glass or other material used to form shower or tub stalls.
An abatement method in which a lead-painted surface is covered with paneling, wallboard, or other approved material to prevent lead dust from being released.
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a much better idea
The division or consolidation of communal fields, meadows, pastures, and other arable lands into the individually owned and managed plots
the idea to enclose individual share of the pastures as a way of farming more effectively. (p. 633)
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a copy of the above poem made by Eliza Preston Benton (McDowell) Wolff
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The term used to describe the motor housing. The most common industrial types are Open Drip Proof (ODP), Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC), Totally Enclosed Non-Ventilated (TENV), and Totally Enclosed Air Over (TEAO).
Enclosure is an adventure game created by a group of fans, using Sierra Entertainment's old AGI engine more than ten years after Sierra stopped using it. The story plays in an oil-drilling installation in an arctic region, to which a team of experts is sent to find out why the previous team disappeared. Apparently an eskimo spirit is responsible for killing the team members, splattering the area with oil in the progress.
To include along with something else in a parcel, periodical or envelope. (pièce jointe)
the act of enclosing something inside something else
something (usually a supporting document) that is enclosed in an envelope with a covering letter
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See birdcage.
A housing to contain electrical components, usually specified by a NEMA classification number.
The housing around a motor that supports the active parts and protects them. They come in different varieties (open, protected) depending on the degree of protection required.
Any electrical or electronic device housing.
The ruggedly built room on a freight elevator in which the material being carried is located.
That portion of an elevated building below the lowest elevated floor that is either partially or fully shut in by rigid walls.
Inserted or outserted editorial and/or advertising printed matter or promotional material, which is included with the host publication. Customers often use enclosures for such purposes as to increase their subscriber base and to generate new leads and advertising revenue. (pièce jointe – Poste-publications)
a way of associating with a message an object from within the Frontier database, just like a fatPage
a configuration of stones on the board, whereas a joseki is a sequence
The enclosure () of a position with =1 is the position formed by adjoining every legal move greater than ()/2 such that ()- is also legal. The enclosure of such a position is always an ender.
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A physical container for a set of blades servers. It consists of a backplane that routes power and communication signals and additional hardware for cabling and thermal issues. It also hosts the CPU or server power supplies.
A compartment, enclosed area or a portioned off space primarily used for the installing of a gas appliance, gas cylinder, meter, gas pressure regulator or other associated equipment.
A piece of equipment which houses the components, such as a monitor or display, and in some cases a computing device and/or other option peripherals devices such as printers, keyboards, etc.
A metal or plastic case that serves the components that reside inside a piece of electronic equipment.
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A disk array.
See disk enclosure.
A unit that houses the components of a storage subsystem, such as a control unit, disk drives, and power source.
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a specific type of delimiter
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a drive expansion bay
artifact consisting of a space that has been enclosed for some purpose
a naturally enclosed space
the use of buildings to create a sense of defined space.
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The area where the Runners gather for viewing before and after the race.
An article that is added to document sheets in a package. Also called an insert, it can be a single sheet of paper or an entire book.
Case or container used to package a converter. Typically, converters are packaged in small plastic or metal.
Another term for a cage, or habitat. For information about enclosures, see the Habitat page.
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