Definitions for "Delimiter"
Keywords:  comma, subfield, tab, semicolon, marc
A sequence of bytes that denote the end of a field or group of data.
1. A character used to indicate the beginning and end of a character string, i.e., a symbol stream, such as words, groups of words, or frames. 2. A flag that separates and organizes items of data.
separates fields in a data feed file. Delimiters enable programs like WebMerge to separate information in the feed file. Example: comma "," "tab" and pipe "|"
Keywords:  substring, regex, maximal, matches
a maximal substring that matches regex
Keywords:  says, enough, stop, someone, that
Someone who says, "Stop, that's enough.".
some who says, "Stop, that's enough"
These are the brackets, quotations etc. that surround pieces of code. Examples of delimiters are " ", { }, ( ), [ ]. A start delimiter such as ( must be accompanied by a closing delimiter such as ).
a way of telling the computer that it's dealing with a literal or a variable