Definitions for "Character set"
The full set of character codes used for encoding a particular language.
Refers to the range of letters, numbers and other characters that a font contains or that an input or output device can process.
The character set consists of all the characters that the symbology can encode. Some symbologies, such as Code 128, also include character subsets, where a few characters are used as subset flag characters, and the remaining characters can then be interpreted in a variety of ways, depending upon the subset currently indicated by the flag characters.
an ordered, numbered character repertoire
An unordered collection of abstract characters used to represent textual information. Also called an abstract character repertoire.
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Adding a Workgroup
a standardized manner of representing text with binary data
a way of interpreting a blob of binary data as text
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a mapping between bytes in the source data, and the characters that are displayed to the user
a mapping from integers to characters
a simple bit map and the string match does multiple characters at the same time
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a whole bunch of numbers that tell the computer how to draw the various characters on the screen
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a series of characters to substitute for a single character
a list of characters required for a language
All the valid characters for a programming language or for a computer system.
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a table that determines how each character appears on-screen, or when sent to a printer
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General Preferences
an ordered list of characters that are used together in writing or printing
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a list of one or more specified characters