Definitions for "Character"
A distinctive mark; a letter, figure, or symbol.
Style of writing or printing; handwriting; the peculiar form of letters used by a particular person or people; as, an inscription in the Runic character.
The smallest component of a written language which has semantic value. A character is the abstract idea of the letter, numeral, symbol, etc.; a glyph is the specific shape, the form that you see on the page, screen, etc.
One of the persons of a drama or novel.
Any person or entity portrayed in a dramatic activity.
Essentially, any person in a story who does or says something. It's the addition of unique and meaningful details that elevates a character beyond purely functional status.
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a) [ISO] A member of a set of elements used for organisation control or representation of data. A character can be a graphic character or a control character. b) Common term for glyph used in writing languages.
An abstract notion denoting a class of shapes declared to have the same meaning or form.
the smallest component of written language that has semantic value; refers to the abstract meaning and/or shape, rather than a specific shape ( see also glyph), though in code tables some form of visual representation is essential for the reader's understanding; the basic unit of encoding for the Unicode character encoding. glyph Unicode game : chess
The peculiar quality, or the sum of qualities, by which a person or a thing is distinguished from others; the stamp impressed by nature, education, or habit; that which a person or thing really is; nature; disposition.
A unique or extraordinary individuality; a person characterized by peculiar or notable traits; a person who illustrates certain phases of character; as, Randolph was a character; Cæsar is a great historical character.
To distinguish by particular marks or traits; to describe; to characterize.
Quality, position, rank, or capacity; quality or conduct with respect to a certain office or duty; as, in the miserable character of a slave; in his character as a magistrate; her character as a daughter.
The combination of a wine's features that make it distinguishable. A term of praise.
A description when the wine is perceived as being solid and having substance.
Any heritable attribute of organisms that varies among terminal taxa, and so is useful for phylogenetic reconstruction.
Some attribute of individuals within a species for which various heritable differences can be defined.
A variable or characteristic measured or observed for a block of taxa. It could be from molecular data ("Nucleotide at position 367 of the 18S gene"), or it could be phenotypic ("length of wing"). Characters in Mesquite typically exist only within character matrices.
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Persona in the game. More often than not played by a player. For example if you played a fighter called Ooer, Ooer is the character and you are the player.
Someone who exists in the game world, but probably not in reality(tm).
A player's in game persona. If they are acting on their own impulses they're known as PCs (Player Characters, SEE ALSO PC). If Plot has given them direction they're known as NPCs (Non Player Characters, SEE ALSO NPC).
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Loosely, the general quality of a tea. More specifically, the quality of aroma and flavor that can be associated with country, region, district, or even garden of origin.
A desirable quality in the liquor of a tea, describing the flavour of the tea, permitting recognition of its country of origin.
An intangible quality in a tea that identifies its origin of growth.
The imaginary person that the actor pretends to be on stage.
A character is created by an actor onstage, drawing upon the script created by the playwright. Characters are the agents of the stage action - they come to life at the beginning of the play, and cease to exist at the end.
A "person" in a play, as performed by an actor. Hamlet, Oedipus, Juliet, and Willy Loman are characters. Characters may or may not be based on real people.
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To engrave; to inscribe.
engrave or inscribe characters on
Moral quality; the principles and motives that control the life; as, a man of character; his character saves him from suspicion.
The degree to which a borrower feels a moral obligation to pay his/her debts, measured by the credit and payment history.
The degree to which a potential borrower feels a moral obligation to repay debts as evidenced by the borower's credit and payment history. One of the "Five Cs" used in a lending officer's determination of a particular loan applicant's credit-worthiness.
The estimate, individual or general, put upon a person or thing; reputation; as, a man's character for truth and veracity; to give one a bad character.
good repute; "he is a man of character"
Where credit is concerned, a person’s reputation for paying bills when due. This is also referred to as your willingness and ability to pay or creditworthiness.
Characters form the contents of an Emacs buffer; see section Jeu de Caract`eres pour le Texte. Also, key sequences (q.v.) are usually made up of characters (though they may include other input events as well). See section Types d'entr'ees utilisateur.
Characters form the contents of an Emacs buffer; see B.8 Character Set for Text. Also, key sequences (q.v.) are usually made up of characters (though they may include other input events as well). See section B.5 Kinds of User Input.
The smallest recognised unit in the Symbian OS text model. Not always visible as text on the screen. For instance, includes page and line breaks, paragraph delimiters and picture characters. See also: word  paragraph  picture character  paragraph delimiter
A borrower's trustworthiness.
Your integrity, clarity of motives, consistency of behavior, openness, discretion, and trustworthiness.
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Part of a computer word that has meaning in itself; often, a byte.
a byte in c i believe
In communications, this refers to an alpha-numeric or special character, represented by a byte (qv).
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a caricature
Rooted in the Greek word charakter, the term "character" has come to mean the constellation of strengths and weaknesses that form and reveal who we are. Our character does not consist of a single statement or a random act but of those qualities and dispositions that we place consistently--both good and bad. Assessing our character means taking an inventory of our dominant thoughts and actions. As Aristotle once said, "We are what we repeatedly do." Character, as a concept that explains personality and behavior, is neither liberal nor conservative because it is not primarily about politics or policy.
Combination of type, disposition and behaviour.
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a conceptual unit
A conceptual character defined in a SWF file. This could be a shape, bitmap, sound, font or button. A character can be defined by more than 1 data tag. With additional tags adding information to the basic character definition.
The ancient Greeks developed the idea of character as something that one is by nature and those influences what one does and who we are. Character was more or less a constant for them, and not amenable to change. The Christian change redeveloped the concept of character through its own early analysis of the virtues and vices of individuals.
An individual's typical structure, his stereotype manner of acting and reacting. The orgonomic concept of character is functional and biological, and not a static, psychological or moralistic concept.
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a sum of who they were
chthonic"Cogito ergo sum."
maturity that is refined and revealed through life's tests, humiliations and setbacks; what God knows you to be.
Spiritually defined as the ability to discern God's right way from the wrong, and to voluntarily surrender one's own will to do what is right in God's sight and, with the promised supernatural help, to resist the wrong even under pressure and temptation. God has perfect, righteous character implicit in His very Being.
A single unit of text. e, E, 7, and @ are characters.
A single character, as per section 2.2 of [ XML].
A single character from the document character set.
a drugged-out, drooling vegetable one minute and, the next, is carrying on a lucid discussion of complicated issues
a prostitute and there are some sexual references, including a discussion of a possible out-of-wedlock pregnancy
In classification, any feature or attribute that can be measured, counted, described or otherwise assessed.
a feature that can be measured, counted, described, or otherwise expressed
A feature of an animal that can be described, measured, and communicated between scientists.
a witness to a crime and is asked to testify, a child is kidnapped, a raccoon steals supplies during the night)
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A VHost model that has been designed and is ready to be included into a VHost scene or show.
an alcoholic and there are scenes in a bar
The odd person in the next cubicle or at the end of the bar.
a work of art, just like a figure in a painting or a sculpture
an alpha or numeric figure, in Oracle “Char” is a data type meaning text
As they grow, events in nature affect the dividing cells under the bark, resulting in anomalies in grain and color. For examples, the cells and fibers have swirled around a limb or bud, an injury has been healed, pitch or minerals have been deposited in an area--resulting in irregular figure, variable reflectance, iridescence, burls, knots, and dark mineral streaks. When attempting to produce a homogeneous product for a mass market, these natural anomalies are considered defects. We consider them marks of character. When comparing species of wood, we also use the terms below. These refer more to the working and technical properties than the visual and artistic ones.
A printable phonetic, or pictographic object.
a holy sign of the communion of faith and of the holy ordination conferred by a hierarch
comment conference continuous counterexample
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a weird transvestite who pours hot wax on his chest and plays with his nipples
Any personified entity appearing in a film or a play.
Designated major type of expenditure. Operating expenditures are designated State Operations, and all capital expenditures are designated Capital Improvements.
For purposes of calculating a taxpayer's tax liability, character is the type of income. As the Supreme Court teaches in Commissioner_v._Glenshaw_Glass_Co. income is an accession to wealth, however capital gain is of different character than earned wage income and different from interest income from lending.
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ASL Browser
an apomorphy at one branch of the tree, but is a plesiomorphy relative to all the branches after that
an arbitrarily complex graphic with both a width and a height, nominally occupying a rectangle
A cartoon-like graphic object, such as Microsoft Office Assistant, which is typically displayed to provide help to users of an application.
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an invalid Tampa, Florida address (plus he never gives me his last name)
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a voice," she says
a wine of good character is one which doesn't just slip down the throat and say "bye-bye"; it says "stop a while, friend. You have just come upon an above-average liquid. Think on it".
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a hitman and there is one murder (off camera)
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one of the three suits; also called characks, cracks, or wan
a bundle of relations and associations, some of which may be strong enough to relay considerable jolts of affect
The overall evaluation of a fleece or lock as based on handle, staple length, fineness, density, luster, and softness.
By using our design tools, you can create your own virtual speaking characters in SitePal. Characters are created by molding one of the available Models (also called "Base Characters").
a matrix of relationships between themselves and these things
A judgement made by a lender about the financial steadiness of a borrower including things like length of time at current address, or in present employment.
a substitute for consciousness
a hereditary marker of the immune system and is tested in a manner similar to blood type testing
A written statement as to behavior, competency, etc., given to a servant.
a collection of a whole bunch of information
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a semantic unit of the language
a picture scroll a different reading every one episode
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From Requirements for String Identity Matching and String Indexing ( 1998-07-10) Used in a loose sense to denote small units of text, where the exact definition of these units is still open.
Data type. Characters are used to construct strings and are written like this: .
The Java Object representing a char primitive.
Credit standard judging the borrower's historical record of paying loans and is among the other considerations of the credit worthiness of the borrower.
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a completely fashioned will
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Strength of mind; resolution; independence; individuality; as, he has a great deal of character.
In the context of a credit application, "character" is one of the three Cs, the traditional set of criteria lenders use to evaluate an application. In most cases, character is determined by your credit report and/or score.
an object of regard by the members of the culture generally or by some significant segment of them
a fundamental data element in the input stream
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a mirror of your own mental processes
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a PI, working out of a small office in a classic setting
a set of cards
One of the three Cs of credit that measures a loan applicant's reliability based on past credit history.
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one who is more less interesting, but out of the ordinary.
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an expression that presents java
Depending on context, either 1) a storage unit capable of holding a character; or 2) a member of a character set.
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Equivalent to party, which is preferred.
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a customized model
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Equal to Code word
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a being that on its own exists and has meaning