Definitions for "scroll"
A roll of paper or parchment; a writing formed into a roll; a schedule; a list.
An ornament formed of undulations giving off spirals or sprays, usually suggestive of plant form. Roman architectural ornament is largely of some scroll pattern.
an ornament that looks like a rolled length of paper, the kind used for writing in ancient and medieval times
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To move a document so you can see a different part of it.
To move the viewed area of text or image up and down through the vertically larger text or image. See also Pan.
v. To move a display image vertically or horizontally to view data that otherwise cannot be observed within the boundaries of the display screen.
Manuscript used for synagogue readings made of specially treated vellum
a heavy sheet of fine vellum or high-quality paper
a long piece of paper with wooden spools (rollers) in each end
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ph. 1) The constant, unremitting, and overwhelming barrage of information absorbed by everyone in modern society from the modern media, from cyberspace feed, from the grapevine, and from any other means we have of tuning in to the world state. (E.g. we find out about the latest war in the Middle East, the latest hardware, the latest vaporware from The Scroll.) 2) The term used to describe the messages, bulletins, and other data daily being produced and scrolled off various cyberspace systems.
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An object that casts a single spell on a target. A scroll can only be used once, then it is used up and disappears. See also: wand, potion, staff and pill.
a spell (or collection of spells) that has been stored in written form
a spell that is mostly finished
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a period action series about the battle between two ninja clans for a powerful artifact
scroll is a file integrity scanner. It is designed to be a fast, secure replacement to Tripwire, and is implemented using OpenSSL. Current database support includes local file and MySQL.
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A scroll is a ribbon-like strip on a flag or coat-of-arms, upon which is often written a motto; it is usually located beneath the shield.
A mechanism used to separate and accurately position rigid containers, usually comprising a solid plastic cylinder with a helical groove cut in it to accept the containers.
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Same as Skew surface. See under Skew.
a round shape formed by a series of concentric circles
The general shape of a centrifugal fan housing. The formed piece to which housing sides are welded.
A mark or flourish added to a person's signature, intended to represent a seal, and in some States allowed as a substitute for a seal.
A classic body design element associated with early Gibson instruments. '
The very top of a stringed instrument where the pegs are located.
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Curved decoration usually of handles.
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a thing of the past
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an anime movie