Definitions for "Wrapper"
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a very thing piece of tobacco that is put over the binder
A high-quality tobacco leaf wrapped around the finished bunch and binder. It is very elastic and, at its best, unblemished.
a sheet of paper imprinted with a stamp-like indicium that can be folded and sealed around a newspaper or periodical for mailing. A wrapper is an item of postal stationery.
A flat sheet or strip open at both ends that can be folded and sealed around a newspaper or periodical. Wrappers can have an imprinted stamp or have a stamp attached.
cloak that is folded or wrapped around a person
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a built-in Joomla component which can display any URL in your web site
a built-in Mambo component which can display any URL in your website
Built-in Joomla! Component, used to pull in and display any URL within your web site. This can be used to wrap an application (like a forum or a gallery), individual pages, or even an entire web site. An alternative name is an Iframe.
a code that encapsulates a resource
a collection of code, matching these interfaces, that stands between the data management system and a particular source of data
a piece of code, packaged as a shared library, which can be loaded dynamically by the federated server when needed
Specifically, a loose outer garment; an article of dress intended to be wrapped round the person; as, a morning wrapper; a gentleman's wrapper.
a loose dressing gown for women
The wrapper is a colorful women's garment widely worn in West Africa. It has formal and informal versions and varies from simple draped clothing to fully tailored ensembles. Traditional male attire is called a dashiki.
An abstract device for collating the constituent essence and metadata components and defining the structure of programme content.
A script that log metadata about science objects with minimal alteration to existing processing methods
an abstraction layer between a calling service and a source
a Container that represents an individual servlet definition from the deployment descriptor of the
an element, commonly a div, that encloses one or more other elements in the HTML markup, e
an often used technique that gives your design a containing element from which you can control your layout
Keywords:  inuse, isr, bios, flag, interrupt
a short ISR that patches into an existing BIOS interrupt specifically to manipulate an InUse flag
Keywords:  ejb, java, corba, delegates, applet
a CORBA object implemented in Java that delegates to an EJB
a Java applet designed to extract data from web sites
an entity able to browse a type of objects
That in which anything is wrapped, or inclosed; envelope; covering.
the covering (usually paper or cellophane) in which something is wrapped
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A data structure or software that contains (that is, “wraps around”) other data or software, so that the contained elements can exist in the newer system.
a piece of software that monitors an attempt to use a service, and based on the details about the source of the attempt (such as remote host and user, time, and connection type), determine whether to allow the use of the service or not
The term describing a data structure or software that wraps around other data or software, typically to provide a generic or object interface.
Keywords:  dataset, xml, tunnel, application, way
an application which provides a tunnel for another application, as well as an easy way to start it
a small application that translates a source dataset into an XML document or the other way around
(Application Developer's Guide - XML; search in this book)
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a contextual pattern www
a class or function intended only to provide a different interface to another class or function and which provides little new functionality
a class that adds operations to another, wrapped class, or corrects the implementation of an operation of the wrapped class
a program module in AMOS II having specialized facilities for query processing and translation of data from a particular class of external data sources
an environment that intercepts (and interprets or redirects) only some of the instruction issued by the target program
a program that is used to control access to a second program
a program that offers additional security by surrounding a less secure program and running it in a more secure environment, making additional checks before running it, or logging information about who uses it
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The paint color of a vehicle, usually a four-wheeler, used to identify a specific vehicle. "There's a bear in a blue wrapper sit-in' at marker one-two-four." Also see "plain wrapper."
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a QObject which can wrap the non-QObject type and which makes the non-QObject type's slots, properties, etc
a procedure able to query an information source and extract the answer from the produced pages, e
a procedure for
a procedure, specific to a single information resource, that translate the input into relational form
a shell script that embeds a system command or utility, that saves a set of parameters passed to that command
a module which understands a specific data organization
Keywords:  alternate, view, collection
an alternate view of a collection
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One who, or that which, wraps.