Definitions for "Deployment"
The act of deploying; a spreading out of a body of men in order to extend their front.
Used in the broad sense to mean placing data and metadata in a product at one or more data sites where they can most appropriately support the business activities.
The process of activating into full functional use. Applies separately to monitors and privacy policies. A monitor in deployed state monitors data accesses for privacy-sensitive operations and generates the appropriate submission and access information. A privacy policy in deployed state evaluates access attempts for policy conformance using information supplied by monitors and generates access and submission records.
discipline in the software-engineering process, whose purpose is to ensure a successful transition of the developed system to its users. Included are artifact s such as training material s and installation procedure [D04717] RUP
Deployment is the actual process of installing Internet Explorer to an entire organization. Contrast with a "pilot," which is the installation of Internet Explorer on a group of test users.
The implementation of a software program or component on a particular platform.
Establishment of a new crop through artificial regeneration; through physical movement from one site (e.g. a nursery) to the deployment site; or through planting or seeding designed to meet resource management objectives or obligations. Afforestation, reclamation and reforestation may be considered to be deployment. Natural regeneration, even where enhanced through silvicultural techniques such as scarification, is not considered to be deployment.
the arrangement or distribution (of resources such as people or equipment), in preparation for battle or work.
The systematic process of introducing an activity or process to all applicable areas of an organization.
The systematic distribution of an object.
The placement of weapons, personnel, or equipment in a combat-ready position.
positioning of a weapon so that it is ready to be used.
An extension of width or depth of a unit or both; how a unit is organized for combat.
To bring (forces or material) into action
The relocation of forces to desired areas of operation or a designated location of troops and troop units as indicated in a troop schedule.
the relocation of forces to desired areas of operations; the movement of forces within areas of operations.
One of the following three available methods chosen to implement a First Data Voice Services application. First Data Managed: provides a comprehensive, full-service solution, minimizing capital expenditure and development expenses. The client leverages First Data Voice Services' Speech Framework, including technology, network, tools, services and utilities. Co-Managed: provides presentation layer (i.e., grammars, dialog design, etc.), portability based on stable standard (i.e., SOAP) and a collaborative development effort. Client Managed: First Data Voice Services provides the telephony infrastructure, using the client's team to develop and maintain the application.
A stage of the application life-cycle process in which a deployment scenario is translated into a deployment design, implemented, prototyped, and rolled out in a production environment. The end product of this process is also referred to as a deployment.
See Fire Shelter Deployment.
Removing a fire shelter from its case and using it as protection against fire.
a scary, emotional, yet liberating journey for the spouse left behind to take care of a home, finances, and a family
Sixth step in a release life cycle in which a module is delivered to end users for use in performing their jobs. It includes providing connectivity and desktops, help desk support and end-user training and documentation. Deployment tasks must start in advance of actual production in order for the first scheduled user(s) to go live. For a release to be completed, deployment must be completed for all scheduled user(s) so deployment may be phased.
() the process of removing a payload from the cargo bay and releasing it to a position free of the spacecraft
a large multi-site projects on networks of brank branches, retail points of sales, production plants, resellers, countries
A deployment is the voluntary movement of an employee to a new job that does not constitute a promotion or a change in tenure.
When an Antarctic participant travels form their origin to the field.
an outward movement of a body from its initial location to an extended region in an effort to accomplish a special purpose or mission
To initiate, as in launching an e-business.
The act of arranging, placing, or moving strategically, as in the optimal deployment of mass to absorb stress.
this term is typically used within the text to discuss the use of various employment arrangements of direct support services across the sector.
Dispersion, dissemination, broadcasting or spreading of a communication throughout an organization, downward and laterally.
As it refers to e-mail, this term refers to the actual "sending" of an e-mail message.
The sending of an e-mail campaign after testing.
The process of putting configured computer systems into a lab or making them available for use.
After the model is trained and validated, it is used to analyze new data and make predictions. This use of the model is called deployment.
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an element of T-Mobile's network strategy
a point shape file containing information about bases and the aircraft on them (if any)