Definitions for "Dialog"
Dialog lets you to present a variety of questions or display messages using dialog boxes from a shell script . These types of dialog boxes are implemented: yes/no box, menu box, input box, message box, text box, info box, guage box, checklist box, fileselection box, and radiolist box.
A feature of end user interfaces that allows you to edit the attribute values of objects through a familiar user interface, which consists of type-in boxes, check boxes, and push buttons. You use the GUIDE utility to create dialogs.
A pop-up box to deliver an error message or alert. Temporary Window for displaying information or requesting keystrokes. It requires a parent Frame, thus in cannot be used inside an Applet which has no Frame. It can be modal, which means it blocks input to all other Window s until it is dismissed. It must have a Frame mentioned in the constructor. Window BorderLayout
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a peer to peer association of communicating SIP entities
a peer-to-peer every layer
a peer- to-peer peer-to-peer SIP relationship between two user agents that persists for some time
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A commercial online service which provides access to a large number of bibliographic and full text databases.
An online database information service made available by the Thomson Corporation. The Foundation Center offers two large files on foundations and grants through DIALOG.
An electronic service containing more than 200 DATABASES, many full text, in the areas of science, technology, engineering, social sciences, humanities, newspapers, business and economics. For more information about having a DIALOG search run for you, please see the Librarian at the Reference Desk.
a form with lots of widgets inside it that usually need filling in
a subclass of java
a widget that is a subclass of XmBulletinBoard
Conversational sequence of verbal exchanges between a customer and the application.
a conversation between two persons
a literary composition in the form of a conversation between two people; "he has read Plato's Dialogues in the original Greek"
a very important part of an application
Dialog (Dialogue)- is the only magazine in Poland, which regularly publishes contemporary Polish and foreign plays. For years, it has been the most important source of the modern repertoire from all over the world for Polish theatres, and besides the plays themselves, it has also been providing information concerning the most important foreign premieres. It has been publishing articles dedicated to the theatre and the play writing and it has been working in the field of anthropology of theatre.
the lines spoken by characters in drama or fiction
Words spoken by talent, usually corresponding to the script.
A two-way communication link between an administrator and one or more TME resources.
a real unity that can exist only if the participants remain autonomous
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a modal, fixed size, single-purpose form, usually designed to collect information at a branch point in the application flow
Dialog is yet another O/RM mapping tool for .NET; however, it also aims to be a complete architecture, focused on delivering measurable productivity gains by providing the foundation for actual rapid application development.
a sequence of interactions between participants with a shared context and a shared set of goals
Interactive communication between a business and a customer. In a one-to-one enterprise, each customer contact will also serve as a data-collection point.
"An operational routine that uses commands to automate system functions; for example
a set of states, connected by labeled transitions
an object, and the controls represent an internal implementation detail of the class
a unique class
A programming construct, component, or element that structures, enables, or manages dialogue.
a screen of information that may or may not be multiple transactions.