Definitions for "Command button"
a button that can be chosen by a user to begin, to interrupt, or to end a process. When chosen, a command button appears pushed in, and is sometimes called a "push button."
A standard Windows control that initiates a command or sets an option (also referred to as a push button).
Definition: A button that you use to start an action. Command buttons are always rectangular in shape. Command buttons always have a text label, but the label can also include a graphic. Usage: Title capitalization for the command button name. Verb: Click when the button represents a frequently-used command such as OK. Click on when the button represents a GNOME-specific or little-known command. Noun: None. You usually do not need to use a noun to refer to a command button. For example, click OK. If you must use a noun, use button. Tags: Use the guibutton tag for the command button name. Example 1: To save your changes and close the dialog, click Close. Example 2: To delete a translation of a launcher, select the translation then click on the Remove button.
A control that runs a function, macro or event procedure.
a control that allows the user to make a decision based on what the form is displaying