Definitions for "Input box"
Keywords:  dialog, waits, keyboard, debugger, box
Small widget in a menu for inserting values or text by keyboard.
A text area that can accept typed keystrokes. The "( ):" Input Box is a text area in the main debugger window that provides input to some command buttons (such as Print ()) and many pull-down menu commands (such as "Break: Set at ( )" and "Visit: Line ( )"). You enter information in this Input Box either by typing or by selecting text in the source or I/O areas for use with these commands. Text can be selected either by dragging the mouse or by double-clicking. The "Debugger Input:" Input Box is a text area in the main debugger window in which you enter commands to the debugger from the keyboard.
a dialog box that waits for the user to input text or click a button
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a multiline edit control
Option under the "Choices" tab in the create New Question Object window. Used to create an area for the user to key in an answer. In order to control or limit the possible answers you can place constraints such as greater than or less than on the answers (i.e. The height must be greater than 25 but less than 100). (empty)(empty)