Definitions for "launcher"
A launcher is a pressure isolation vessel with the appropriate valving used for loading pipeline pigs and preparing them to be forced into the mainline piping.
A pipeline facility used for inserting a pig into a pressurized pipeline.
Launcher is an all-in-one file handling solution for use with any software that uses file type to file handler mappings. This utility is the one point of configuration for programs like Netscape, the dfm filemanager, kfm, wmfinder, tkArchive, or tkmail. Features include MIME types architecture, multiple type-discovery methods, apache mime.
an easy-to-use personal shortcut manager to launch all kinds of files and programs
a program that allows you to
Tired of the windows Start menu? Ever tried Quicksilver on mac? This is the freeware Windows counterpart. Check it out!
A minimalist GUI frontend for locate32 with the aim to select and launch any file on the system as quickly as possible.
an application used to select and start other applications
a hack, so you will also need to install HackMaster from DaggerWare
a device capable of launching a rocket.
A device which launches aircraft from an aircraft carrier; -- it provides additional velocity to the airplane, to supplement that from the airplane's engines, so that the airplane rapidly achieves a velocity sufficient to sustain it in flight when taking off.
a device that launches aircraft from a warship
see Arrow Launcher
A style of arrow rest used extensively on compound bows.
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a move that sends your opponent into the air and allows you to follow up with an aerial combo
In Project Builder, the secondary toolbar docked (by default) to the left of the Project Navigator. It provides simple organizational and application launching abilities.
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a free software
a piece of custom software which allows you to use the Electronic Arts lobby and game server (www
Powered vehicle used to carry one or more satellites into space.
a proposed new launch vehicle, currently under development
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a piece of the IDE responsible for correct execution of Java classes in the IDE
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a web site generator