Definitions for "pipeline"
A line of pipe with pumping machinery and apparatus for conveying liquids, gases, or finely divided solids, such as petroleum or natural gas, between distant points.
Pipe carrying hydrocarbons - oil/gas.
Movements of oil, petroleum, gas, slurry, etc., through pipelines that extend to other establishments or locations beyond the shipper's establishment. Aqueducts for the movement of water are not included. ( Commodity Flow Survey )
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a group of processes chained together in which the output of one process is used as input for one or more other processes downstream
a chain of profiles to apply to a set of models
a convenient way to channel the output of one command into the input of another without creating an intermediate file
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the set of stages and processes from the invention or design of a product to its ultimate use, production, or commercial sale. Used commonly in the phrase in the pipeline, i. e. still in preparation or under development.
a container for a group of Filters which operate on data in a sequence
a named sequence of stages representing a non-branching one-way processing path
The collection of loan applications that are awaiting approval.
Computer processors can handle millions of instructions each second. Once one ...
a group of units that achieve to work together hand-in-hand in order to handle software instructions
An as-yet unopened type of coaster, developed by Arrow and similar to a heartline.
a coaster where riders are positioned between the rails instead of above or below.
Classic Hawaiian wave, amazing, barrelling and mean. One of the most famous and most photographed waves there is. If you have just read Surfing Lesson One - Catching Waves and are ready to go out and try surfing for the first time then Pipeline is probably the last place on the planet you want to be.
"Pipeline" is a surf rock song by The Chantays. It was also recorded by Johnny Thunders, Hank Marvin, Agent Orange, The Ventures, The Challengers, Anthrax, and Dick Dale with the help of Stevie Ray Vaughan. It was also covered by Hot Butter on their 1973 album, More Hot Butter, and erstwhile-Beach Boy Bruce Johnston cut a disco version in 1977.
The software system used to process VLT raw data into calibration or science products. Pipelines consist of recipes which typically process a certain type of raw data. Pipelines require infrastructure for classification, grouping and association of data. They are running in on-line mode on Paranal, and in off-line mode at the Data Flow Operations group in Garching. The main purpose of pipelines are the extraction of instrument quality information, and the extraction (calibration data) or removal (science data) of instrument signature.
standard pixel data reduction leading to data products such as centroid, amplitude, width, dispi, and a first OGA, as well as astrometric and photometric calibrations
a collection of pre-selected computer processes running on a network of computers in which the data flows through a pre-defined disk/directory structure called a "path"
A supply of new issues that are tentatively scheduled to come to market This pipeline is also referred to as 'visible supply'.
A line of pipes for conveying liquids and gasses. The physical goods flow from a supplying organisation to a receiving organisation.
A method for conveying liquids and gasses. The physical goods flow from a supplying organization to a receiving organization.
The flow of upcoming underwriting deals.
A variable pool within Integration Server. Variables may be placed in and retrieved from the pipeline using the Integration Server API or the Developer tool. All data that is used for processing is in the pipeline. As the pipeline holds what are essentially global variables, care must be taken in naming variables and dropping them from the pipeline when they are no longer needed..
The underwriting process that must be completed with the SEC before a security can be offered for sale to the public.
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a railroad un- derground
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gossip spread by spoken communication; "the news of their affair was spread by word of mouth"
a successful internal communication/education initiative by the Cox Communications New Orleans system
a one time cost and they can discharge the effluent unabated forever
a bi-weekly email update providing timely timely information on USTDA activities by project and region that helps American manufacturers, suppliers, engineers, and contractors discover opportunities in international trade
(Domain: Sales) pipeline is a calculated amount of open opportunities that have a close date within the quarter. Displays on forecast detail and edit pages. For managers, this amount includes open opportunities for them and their entire team.
Product /research pipeline. Contains all those products from the pre-clinic through phase III that are undergoing Research & Development (R&D).
a compendium of pharmaceutical industry research, development and approval activity
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Portions of the sewer system that are constructed of piping as opposed to manholes and other structures (e.g., trap tank, sumps, etc.).
An informal term for grant applications that score well, but fall just short of being awarded. If additional money is allocated to the program, or if funded projects do not materialize, a grant application "in the pipeline" may be funded. Such as “Are we in the pipeline
Same as undisbursed. The amount of the loan or grant, net of cancellation/adjustments which has not been disbursed.
Pipes that carry water on top or underground.
carries water underground to homes and businesses
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a list of callable objects
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fig. an information channel direct from the source.
The stock flow s from producers to consumers necessary in all inventory locations throughout the channel to keep product on the retail shelf available for customers to purchase.
On some printed chart pages, the number of lines necessary to connect two families of succeeding generations between pages would be too numerous for readability. A pipeline representing the multiplicity of lines is used.
a line that is pipe) eg
1) A line of supply, or channel by which information is transmitted 2) work in progress.
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The name of a cleaning detergent.
an ordered structure that thrives on regularity
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A tool used to access online services at WSU.
a path from a Generator to a Serializer
A serial arrangement of processors or a serial arrangement of registers within a processor. Each processor or register performs part of a task and passes results to the next processor; several parts of different tasks can be performed at the same time.
The part of the broadband infrastructure that connects a last- mile network to an Internet backbone.
a connection of two or more programs through pipes
a slang term referring to the communications link between your network and your ISP, which is appropriate because the ability for a connection to support significant amounts of data is dependent upon the size of the link
A clustering engine with a streamlined interface, which presents all results in one column and clusters by topic in another.
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15/month unlimited use. [email protected]
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Pit Pit committee
a CICS resource that is used when a CICS application is in the role of a Web service provider or requester
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Green tobacco in transit from the market.
(n.) The program linkage established by performing one or more pipes.
a configuration of steps that defines, but not limited to, order, dependencies, or iteration along with their configuration
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See Tailings Pipeline.
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a great thing
System of pipes, which carry fluids over, distances, both great and small.
All pending projects-filed, approved or under construction.
The aggregate of securities which are in the proce... Add a comment
The difference between obligations and expenditures.
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The new issues that are due to go public withing a given timeframe.
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an important concept which I learned about today
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a collection of valves
A schedule of movie projects in production.
A complete Internet service package.
Sites which the Group has an interest in developing in the future.
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see sales pipeline.
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a computer program that