Definitions for "Control unit"
The portion of the processor that interprets program instructions, directs internal operations, and directs the flow of input/output to or from RAM.
The Control Unit is one of the most important parts of the microprocessor because it is in charge of the entire process. Based on instructions from the Decode Unit, it creates control signals that tell the Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) and the Registers how to operate, what to operate on, and what to do with the result. The Control Unit makes sure everything happens in the right place at the right time.
CPU component that coordinates the activities of other components.
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A system component that monitors inputs and controls outputs through various types of circuits.
If a CCTV system has more than one camera, there must be a way to control the video signals going to recorders and monitors. There are three basic types of Video Control Unit: Multiplexer, Switch and Quad.
The nerve center of the alarm system located on the premises.
Central processor of a telephone switching device.
Is the unit at the heart of a Siemens telephone system which, can be either rack, wall or floor mounted, containing the processor, and cards for interfaces or connection points to line extension s and computer networks.
EC control unit
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a circuit which implements an FSM
A device that controls input and output for one or more devices such as printers or display stations.
A device, usually incorporated into a terminal, that allows data to be encoded and decoded for transmitting and receiving.
The device that allows transactions to enter the system from the memory queue.
a complete, self contained and portable system that is easy to set up and use
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see front end controller