Definitions for "Quad"
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A call made in live roleplay systems during combat. As a hit is made with the weapon, its user cries, "Quad!" so that the target knows the weapon is dishing out four points of damage.
Analog CCTV equipment used to display 4 camera images simultaneously on a single monitor.
A group of four wires composed of two pairs twisted together.
A unit of energy of 1 quadrillion British thermal units. Total U.S. energy consumption is roughly 90 quads per year.
One quadrillion Btu (10^15 Btu) = 1.055 exajoules (EJ), or approximately 172 million barrels of oil equivalent.
a quadrillion BTUs (10 15 BTUs). This is an enormous number equivalent to 3.6 x 10 metric tons of coal, or 172,000,000 (1.72 x 10) barrels of oil. A quadrillion is the number one followed by 15 zeros. It would be impossible to count to such a number even if you counted by 1,000s for every second of your life until you were 100 years old. The United States used about 80 quads of energy in 1990.
A quadrangle; hence, a prison.
Specified typesetting size - em-quad, en-quad - hence the old term from the pre-digital era - quadding: the addition of space between words/letters to fill out a line of type using en or em blocks.
Blank spacing material used to fill out lines in hot metal composition.
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The participants in the Quadrilateral meetings: Canada, the EU, Japan and the US
The group of rich nations (US, Canada, Japan and the European Union) that have dominated decisions in the past at the WTO. They have repeatedly made key decisions in closed meetings.
Refers both to the Quadrilateral Meetings and to the participants in those meetings (the US, Canada, EU, and Japan).
A quad is a measurement of data size on the science fiction show Star Trek, including "kiloquads," "gigaquads," and "teraquads."
"Quad" is a shortened form of Quadriplegia. Generally, only a person experiencing quadriplegia uses the term quad, and they may be insulted if anyone else uses it. As a rule, never label or identify a person by the name of a characteristic of that person. Especially do not use slang terms for a characteristic (like "quad") as a label - only the person themselves may do that. Most people have encountered this issue regarding racial epithets (or slang terms for races) which may be used by people within a racial group but never by outsiders. So it may be acceptable for Juan to say, "As quads, we have a hard time avoiding medical complications", but a person who is not quadriplegic should NEVER say, "You quads need to take better care of yourselves to avoid medical complications." (also see the encyclopedia entry on Client/Consumer Language)
a better buy
Short for quadrangle. A standard map size and scale used by the U.S. Geological Survey.
A U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) topographic map; Quad stands for "Quadrangle."
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A cabin that can accomodate 4 passengers
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a nice touch when thinking of Vini--or any other Porcupine lake for that matter
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A Quad is a term used in the Sword of Truth fantasy series by Terry Goodkind.
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Quad or QUAD was the name of a solo music project by Gary Ramon.
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Usually grassy square enclosed with buildings. Tradition (and the Head Porter) says no-one should step onto the grass.
An enclosed court.
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an ATV, an all terrain vehicle
a spinner that uses silhouette shaped targets (e
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a very big part of men's skating today and I do realize I'll need one," he said
A combination fire apparatus; referred to as quadruple combination or quad because it combines water tank, pump, hose, and the ground ladder complement of truck company.
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Evil; bad; baffling; as, a quade wind.
a rectangular area surrounded on all sides by buildings
an open, often square, area, like a courtyard, usually surrounded by buildings
Quadraphonic sound. Surround sound. 4-directional sound reproduction corresponding to the 4 quarters of a circle.
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Chairlift that carries 4 people per chair.
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Polygon with 4 vertices or 2 triangles
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Generally, a high quad is someone with an injury at C1, C2, and C3. some doctors also group c4 quads into this category. Mid-level quads are those injured at C5. Low-level quads are those injured at C6 & C7. This isn't written in stone, and some doctors consider C4, C5, and C6 all as mid-level, with C7 being low-level.
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Short for quadruple. Throw of a club with 4 spins.
an array of three or more separate antennas, each with an independent feed point and elements occupying electrically different locations in the array
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a muscle of the thigh that extends the leg
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a fast machine as long as it's set up correctly and the application can utilize it
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(printing) a block of type without a raised letter; used for spacing between words
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Based on the number 4
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See quadrangle.
A quadrat.