Definitions for "enclosed"
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a copy of AFFI's comments on USDA's proposal to revise the grade standard for frozen okra
a copy of a letter from my claims examiner advising of the excellent job that you have done on this case
a copy of the Application for Medi-Cal Program Participation for Substance Abuse Clinics and Dual Diagnosis Programs
division described as 'Enclosed' refers to the pipes located in a wooden enclosure, or organ chamber, fitted on the front with adjustable louvers or Swell shades. The volume of sound from the enclosed division is controlled by opening and closing the shades. For reasons of clarity, not all divisions of an organ are ordinarily enclosed.
This term is applied to Religious who stay within a particular convent or monastery - the ‘enclosure' - to pursue more effectively a life of prayer. They would usually only leave the enclosure for medical treatment or other exceptional reasons. This rule is intended to help the enclosed Religious be more easily protected from the distractions and attentions of the outside world.
surrounded or closed in, usually on all sides. Opposite of unenclosed.
closed in or surrounded or included within; "an enclosed porch"; "an enclosed yard"; "the enclosed check is to cover shipping and handling"
A settlement or other site that is surrounded by a boundary.
A ride that is totally under cover, or underground.
a roller coaster built inside a structure intended solely for the ride. This structure often imparts a theme or houses special effects.
a check for a subscription to your newsletter GRAINS