Definitions for "newsletter"
Focused On Fitness
a communications medium for botanical and zoological taxonomists interested in descriptive databases and it is not restricted to software or applications supporting or implementing the DELTA standard
a constant reminder that your web site exists, what it offers, and the fact that you are the expert they should contact with their own needs
Each local group receives a subsidy from National to publish a monthly calendar of events and reports of Mensa business. Most groups publish a more extensive newsletter, including articles, advertising, and letters. See also Newsletter Editor (q.v.).
A newsletter is a periodic publication by e-mail put out only to those people who subscribe to it. The purpose of a newsletter is to provide highly specialized information to a highly targeted audience.
this feature is useful for boards that want to have a monthly emailed newsletter. It enabled the Admin to compose and send a newsletter that is displayed in the board's template. Admins can chose either opt in or opt out and depending on what they go with members will see a [i]Subscribe to Newsletter[/i] or a [i]Unsubscribe from Newsletter[/i] which members can use to either be added or removed from the list of subscribers. You can learn more about how to use and customize a BbBoard newsletter using our Newsletter How To located here: Newsletter How To
an opportunity to build credibility by sharing news, tips, case studies, reviews, profiles, success stories
a piece of correspondence containing (hopefully) interesting insights into your business, which is distributed to your contacts via email on a regular basis
a printed report of information and ideas that is distributed on a regular basis (for example, monthly or semi-annually) to a group of interested people
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NewsMonster Newsnight
a copy of that news report that is delivered to your email inbox for reading
a document you create periodically and email to your audience
a vehicle designed to deliver news and pertinent information to an audience
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a member of the TLA Board of Directors (four Saturday meetings each year in Nashville) and an ex-officio member of the Publications Advisory Board (which conducts most business through Email and has primarily "met" via conference call)
a message sent to forum members by either PM or email
an ad hoc communication organ that is received by full members of AURA
A publication providing financial advice, such as market commentary or investment...
a completely independent publication
a fine publication
A serial consisting of one or a few printed sheets containing news or information of interest chiefly to a special group.
A single page containing information about the product or company. It is used as marketing campaign
report or open letter giving informal or confidential news of interest to a special group
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a list of products and services being given to the rescue efforts by companies in ours and other industries
a new product debut, etc
a product of APABA, and not by the firm
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(see " Argos Newsletter").
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See ezine
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a form of contact, just like a phone call, visit or direct mail postcard
a mailing list that only the list maintainer can post to
an eagerly awaited piece of mail
The editor will be able to create a newletter of updates, tailored to each reader, based on their personal preferences and security level.
a joint effort among all MBA constituent groups in the Leeds School of Business
a MUST for any on line business
a must have for any Internet business today
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a huge undertaking
a good mouthpiece for setting expectations
A circular letter, written or printed for the purpose of disseminating news. This was the name given to the earliest English newspapers.
a brilliant low cost marketing device
a perfect example of drip marketing
a time-saving convenience - I think that, in principle, it should always link to the most relevant page, even if it's deep in the site
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a membership benefit
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a press release and
a long-term strategy, but one that you should start very early so you can get these compounding effects as soon as possible
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an important part of a network
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a separate "page" (or