Definitions for "benefit"
A payment or entitlement, such as one made under an insurance policy or employment...
The amount your insurance company pays for medical services.
Services available to a member as defined in the contract. Benefit design includes the types of benefits offered, limits (e.g. number of visits, percentage paid or dollar maximums applied), and subscriber responsibility (cost sharing components).
Whatever promotes prosperity and personal happiness, or adds value to property; advantage; profit.
Natural advantages; endowments; accomplishments.
To be beneficial to; to do good to; to advantage; to advance in health or prosperity; to be useful to; to profit.
the reason why a consumer chooses a particular product; the gain or improved state that results from use of a product or service. What the user gets from a product or service beyond the physical features or characteristics.
a potential result that MAY occur if you purchase a product or service
a tangible or intangible characteristic of a feature that is associated with your value-added product or product line
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a feature in action
The value provided to a customer by a product feature. Brainstorm session A group method of problem solving, used in product concept generation. It is sometimes thought to be an open, free-wheeling idea session, but more correctly is a specific procedure developed by Alex Osborn, with precise rules of session conduct. Now it has many modifications in format of use, each variation with its own name.
A product attribute expressed in terms of what the user gets from the product rather than its physical characteristics or features. Benefits are often paired with specific features, but they need not be. They are perceived, not necessarily real.
A theatrical performance, a concert, or the like, the proceeds of which do not go to the lessee of the theater or to the company, but to some individual actor, or to some charitable use.
a performance to raise money for a charitable cause
The staging of a special event for charitable purposes, with all proceeds above expenses going to the sponsoring organization.
A monetary payment or series of payments from the insurance company in settlement of a loss for which the insurance company received a premium.
Inclusive terms used to quantify the positive expected results or outputs of a proposed activity, project, or program expressed in monetary or non-monetary terms. Ideally, estimates of all benefits, outputs, or effectiveness expected to be received or achieved as a result of undertaking a proposed activity, program, or project. Realistically, a particular program and its outputs, some intended and very specific beneficial outputs, although some attendant outputs may be negative or non-beneficial.
A program in addition to monetary pay, designed to ensure employee health, financial well-being, and quality of life. Examples of benefits include health insurance, vacation time, parental leave, retirement plans, and life insurance.
A payment by the Department of Social Security to assist a person who falls within a defined category of person needing short term financial help (eg: sickness benefit)• Child Maintenance/Child Support• De Facto Relationships• Divorce• Separation• Social Security• Spousal Maintenance
a positive social, biophysical, economic or financial value or improvement of such a value
Something positive your employer provides that is not required by law, such as paid vacation, sick time, personal days and child care.
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an overpayment
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Beneficence; liberality.
of Clergy = This term originated in England when any capital sentence could be appealed to the ecclesiastical courts. The term was invoked to commute a death sentence received for one of the many relatively minor crimes that legally warranted it. The use of"benefit of clergy" was abolished in 1789.
an emotional reward that the owner gets when he or she uses the product
An indirect reward given to an employee or group of employees as a part of organizational membership.
a desirable outcome that arises through the use or ownership of your product
The degree to which effects are judged desirable.
A benefit in research is a valued or desired outcome enjoyed by the participant (therapeutic benefit), or accruing to a group under study, or to their family members, or to scientific knowledge (nontherapeutic benefit).
the United Traders of Newkeep for the Benefit of the People of Pelsand, a trading organisation that buys grain from farmers; located in Newkeep
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a bankrupt may derive a benefit from a number of sources. It could be a loan or a fringe benefit or monies paid to a third person as a result of exertion by a bankrupt. These types of benefits can be included as a part of a bankrupts contribution assessment to determine what contribution must be paid from a bankrupt's income.
Weekly income replacement that generally lasts a maximum of 52 weeks. Benefits based on self-employment elective coverage are generally paid for a maximum of 39 weeks. Payments are based on an individualâ€(tm)s income during the SDI programâ€(tm)s base period, which is prior to the onset of disability.
The drugs for which the insurance plan will reimburse costs
a reasonable expectation can only turn on the provisions of the applicable statute and the terms of the Plan
reimbursement for covered medical expenses as specified by the plan.
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a value, and a cost is a disvalue
a sticky and repugnant adherence which deprives you of free movement
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a component of a Narrative
an answer to your customers question of "Whats in it for me" You should tell your prospects what makes doing business with your company better than doing business with your competitor
for a brand, the answer to the question ‘What does it offer', described in terms of attributes, subjective characteristics, or emotions
a good that contributes to the well-being of an individual and/or a given community (e
a voluntary act, but to do good to oneself is an instinctive one
Something, which is helpful or useful; an event geared toward raising funds.
something that aids or promotes well-being; "for the common good"
Something other than money a client acquires when making a transaction
Total dollars considered prior to tax deductions for current claim.
A benefit of an offer will resolve a customer issue. To claim a benefit, there must be a feature of the offer that clearly allows the benefit to be realised.
a condition of a contract, not a bonus thrown in extra at the discretion of the employer
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a sweet smelling drain
a solution to your customer's problem or situation
The demonstration of a solution to a business problem.
An act of kindness; a favor conferred.
an act the recipient deems to be pleasing
any result of a medical treatment or procedure that sustains or improves a patient’s life and/or health.
An improvement in survival and reproductive success resulting from a behavior. (Contrast with cost.)
Primary benefit - an improvement in length and/or quality of life. Secondary benefit - an improvement in measures likely to bring about a primary benefit. Eg. Reduction in blood pressure, breast screening.
Assistance, aid, obligation, promise, debt, liability, or the like, related to any covered injury, illness, or necessary medical care, goods, or services.
A payment made to a worker or a dependent in relation to a compensable injury or condition.
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an -------------------- More tips
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derive a benefit from; "She profited from his vast experience"
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a reduction in ride harshness
whatever is for the good of a person or thing;12 a favorable or helpful factor or circumstance.13
The enhancements to the future business or operations that the project is to deliver
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the value experienced by the customer.
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Benefit Multiple
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a be held responsible
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The benefit(s) that we will pay to you depending on your cover level. The table of benefits shows the maximum benefits you can receive.
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financial assistance in time of need
a payment or series of payments made by the government to a person in need
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a service to you or a right in aiding your well-being
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Another name for coverage. See coverage.