Definitions for "proceeds"
Money received through a sale or loan. The term sometimes refers to net proceeds...
That which comes forth or results; effect; yield; issue; product; sum accruing from a sale, etc.
After sales commissions are subtracted, the amount that the seller actually acquires.
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a bill sponsored by the Speaker Pro Tem of the House
Property (including personal property, real property, and attorney's fees) acquired by, or exchanged with other property acquired by, unlawful activity. (See "Tracing.")
a right to payment "on account of" age, and therefore can be exempted from a bankruptcy estate under the provision of the Bankruptcy Code that exempts other retirement plans
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the income arising from land or other property; "the average return was about 5%"
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the value of any land, goods, or investments sold or converted into cash
The balanced paid to a seller at closing after all expenses have been paid