Definitions for "bankruptcy"
A legal state, in which a firm or individual is unable to repay its debts, and...
The state of being actually or legally bankrupt.
When a person is unable to pay their debts, a court may order that their financial affairs be managed by a trustee to call in all assets and pay debts from available funds. Also referred to as insolvency.• Bankruptcy• Civil Courts• Debts - for Creditors• Debts - for Debtors
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This is a formal procedure to be used as a last resort. The decision to declare yourself bankrupt should not be taken lightly – you should speak to a professional advisor for alternatives before finally taking this option.
Bankruptcy is considered the credit solution of last resort. Unlike negative credit information that stays on a credit report for seven years, bankruptcies stay on a credit report for 10 years. Bankruptcy can make it difficult to rent an apartment, buy a house or condo, get some types of insurance, get additional credit, and sometimes, get a job. In some cases, bankruptcy may not be an easily available option.
See Bankruptcy section Baseline is the starting point for defining your needs. As with any metrics, the art of outsourcing comes from defining the relevant parameters.
When a companyâ€(tm)s net worth goes below the countryâ€(tm)s stipulated guideline. There could be several stages in the Bankruptcy process. Hence, one sees several announcements over a period of time. The end result of Bankruptcy could be revival, sale, re-organisation, liquidation etc.
After a period of time a Bankrupt Individual can be discharged from bankruptcy. This then releases them from their financial obligations. There are some lenders that will provide mortgages for ex-bankrupts.
An individual or entity that has had a bankruptcy filed on their behalf.
A financial failure of an individual or business, when current earnings and assets are no longer sufficient to meet financial obligations.
The market value of a firm's assets are less than its liabilities and, consequently, the firms has a negative net worth.
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Before And After Method Beneficiary
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Bill of Sale Balloon Payment Broker
An event we are trying to avoid by utilizing the insurance mechanism.
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The state of being bankrupt or the fact of becoming bankrupt.
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The process of dealing with the estate of a bankrupt.
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Will not eliminate all loans secured by real property. Back to the Top
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Complete loss; -- followed by of.
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base rate basis point
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The act or process of becoming a bankrupt.
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Bankruptcy Estate