Definitions for "Beneficiary"
Bestowed as a gratuity; as, beneficiary gifts.
A feudatory or vassal; hence, one who holds a benefice and uses its proceeds.
One who receives anything as a gift; one who receives a benefit or advantage; esp. one who receives help or income from an educational fund or a trust estate.
The party that has contracted to sell the goods; the Exporter in the Letter of Credit process.
The party that sells the goods and will be paid by the issuer of the letter of credit.
The party in whose favour the documentary credit is issued
An applicant for a visa as named in a petition from the Department of Homeland Security, Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services (BCIS).
The lender named on the mortgage note.
( Related information) A person certified as eligible for health care services. A beneficiary may be a dependent or a subscriber.
An individual who is eligible for and enrolled in the Medicaid program in the state in which he or she resides. Millions of individuals are eligible for Medicaid but not enrolled and are therefore not program beneficiaries. Connecticut= s Medicaid program now has approximately 400,000 beneficiaries.
A subscriber or dependent eligible for health care services (also: enrollee, member).
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Heir at law, in an intestate estate, and devisee, in a testate estate.
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Sometimes called the obligee, is the party in the surety contract who is secured against loss and to which the principal (obligor) and surety (the insurance company) are bound. In a Lost Instrument Bond form the beneficiary is typically the transfer agent and/or the issuer of the stock or bond certificate.
The Commercial entity that gets paid the rewards for your activities as a PartyPartners affiliate.
The entity funding the loan. This is the entity to which the loan is owed.
The entity or lender that funds the loan and to which the loan is owed.
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Immovable Property Probate
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Holding some office or valuable possession, in subordination to another; holding under a feudal or other superior; having a dependent and secondary possession.
In the Tacis Contract it is a partner, usually the Financial Lead Partner for Tacis of an approved project, that signs the contract regarding European Commission’s co-financing of the Action (the Grant Contract). The Beneficiary becomes fully legally responsible for the part of the joint project financed by European Commission from Tacis.
The lender or bank who makes a loan, also called a mortgagee.
The lender, who is making a loan, is called either a mortgagee or a beneficiary. The borrower is the mortgagor.
A role (doing something for someone) in argument structure (I bought it FOR YOU).
Someone who has Medicare coverage.
someone who gets advantages from an action or change Žó‰vŽÒAi”N‹àA•ÛŒ¯‚Ȃǂ́jŽóŽælA
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Beneficiary Statement