Definitions for "CIO"
Cisco Information Online. Online service available to Cisco customers that provides electronic services and online information relating to Cisco products. CIO services include product information, software updates, release notes, technical tips, configuration notes, brochures, and download offerings.
Chief Information Officers
Christmas Illumination Officer
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Acronym for Central I/O system routine. CIO routes I/O control data to the correct device handler and then passes control to the handler. CIO is also the common entry point for most of the OS I/O functions.
Central Input/Output routines located in ROM. Controls Input/Ouput Control Block operations. Briefly, CIO handles the data input and output through the device driver(s) (also known as device handlers), then passes control to those drivers. It's a single interface with which to access all peripherals in a device independent manner (i.e., uniform handling of data with no regard to the device being accessed). As an example: writing data to a disk file is treated in an identical manner as writing data to the screen; commas insert blanks between both elements and both semi-colons and commas suppress the End-Of-Line character (EOL).
entral nput/ utput. This is Atari's main 1/0 routine.
Comitato Internazionale Olimpico
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Comite Inter Organismes (CIRAD, INRA, and ORSTOM of France)
Central Intelligence Organization (Republic of Vietnam)
Zimbabwe Central Intelligence Organization
Central Intelligence Organisation
a federation of North American industrial unions that merged with the American Federation of Labor in 1955
The New Deal's support for labor organization fostered the creation of the Congress of Industrial Organizations, which organized the workers in mass-production industries like steel and automobiles. It did much to improve the working conditions of unskilled factory workers, increase the political influence of labor, and bring minorities into the labor movement.
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Channel I/O. The predecessor to HP-PB.
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