Definitions for "Factory"
Factories are the standard mechanism by which domains are initiated. They are also a patented facility used to implement access control policies within KeyKOS. Factories produce sealed domains that have algorithms, address segments, and specific keys already installed. The security facility supported for factory-built domains allows communication channels (keys) of an object to be compared against reference sets to insure that no additional channels have been added. (These channels are also called holes.) The use of factories solves the problem of mutually suspicious users. See also "Builder's key" and "Requestor's key".
A bean that dynamically creates instances of beans.
A function in a printing plug-in that returns a pointer to an instance of the requested "interface".
A building or a group of buildings designed to produce goods on an efficient,...
A building, or collection of buildings, appropriated to the manufacture of goods; the place where workmen are employed in fabricating goods, wares, or utensils; a manufactory; as, a cotton factory.
Trent has over 10,000 sq m of production buildings to fabricate moulds, reinforcement for casting and finishing.The factory site also includes the offices and laboratory. A location map is available on this web site.
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Factor_VIII Factrix
If you dreamed of a busy factory you will succeed after a struggle. If you were working in a factory you will have a beneficial change in your life.
In the French animated television series Code Lyoko, one of three important places in the show is the factory, which houses the supercomputer that contains Lyoko.
As an open source project for project management, Factory lets you organize actors in teams, define projects, create version-based plans, generate forecast calendars and track statuses. Small and stand alone, it runs on every system with Java.
a zero-argument function that creates a new test-runner
A factory is a Web service that can create a resource from an XML representation.
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a stylish professional choice
slang for 'police station'
the name given to East India Company trading stations. They became fortified warehouses, surrounded by towns.
a Flash game that features stylized pixel graphics with a biotechnology theme
a sideshow that sometimes makes an idea more valuable
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a 'natural resource,' like a tree, a rock or a mud puddle
a large structure on the surface of the planet that produces supplies every turn
a structure used by crafters to mass produce items
A house or place where factors, or commercial agents, reside, to transact business for their employers.
The body of factors in any place; as, a chaplain to a British factory.
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Package Color (F.P.C.) - Car colors that are produced and packaged by paint companies for specific car color codes for use at the refinish level.
programming: Some read-only have to have their identification number written into the silicon microchip at the time the chip is made. The process of writing the number into the chip is called factory programming.
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set – A timer that has a fixed time delay built in — not variable.
a generalization of the assets and the best practices harvested from previously built applications
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a very harsh environment and people shout all the time, but you have to move on with your work
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a data creator
a good place to watch
a part of an "alliance" of INDEPENDENT BLACK OWNED ENTITIES who have all agreed to work together for a common good
a selection of multiple encoders (file converters) that will be applied to incoming media files and an associated destination for each of the resulting files
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see Influence.
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Industrial complex
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a Direct Marketing Data Bureau
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a market, a tool, a history
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production prices