Definitions for "aftermarket"
A market in which an investor purchases a security from another investor rather...
Trading activity in a security immediately following its initial offering to the public.
The trading activity in a security following its p... Add a comment
all products and services used in the repair and maintenance of vehicles that was not produced by the original car manufacturer.
A term used to describe the various products and services used to repair, maintain, or upgrade vehicles. The term "aftermarket" is most commonly used to describe specialty auto body parts such as hoods, spoilers, and body kits.
A component or product that's not included or intended as original equipment.
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a business that can't exist without another particular business
In recent years many model car enthusiasts have started their own small businesses supplying the hobby with detailing components, resin bodies and, in some cases, full resin kits. These small businesses are usually referred to within the hobby as aftermarket sources and/or businesses.
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