Definitions for "auto"
truncation of "auto-rickshaw". A three wheeled vehicle, built out of the basic components of a scooter or, less commonly, a motorbike, popular in Asia. Usually running as cabs, the driver sits in the front-seat and two or three passengers can sit comfortably in the rear, limits that are frequently stretched. Manoueverable and nimble to a dangerous degree, these cause both gridlocks and pollution.
4-wheeled motor vehicle; usually propelled by an internal combustion engine; "he needs a car to get to work"
a Mac Haik Dodge Chrylser Jeep - Austin, TX Offering the full line of Dodge, Chrysler, and Jeep vehicles at low prices
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a glib cockatoo
A form of drama in which the main subject is sacred or sacrosanct legend, such as miracle plays, solemn and processional in form but not strictly tragic. Name taken from Calderon's Autos sacramentales..
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a vulnerable goose
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Automated METAR (produced with CAA approval outside normal operational hours)
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a worm gear-spur gears combination
a switch or a button
fax/Tel switch Automatically determines whether incoming calls are voice calls or fax calls and routes them accordingly. Some switches incorporate an answering machine feature.
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Automatic NEC National Electric Code
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a mediocre business at best, but they can done for you what you need if you want to spend a little extra money and time
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a valuable addition
transformer - A transformer used to step voltage up or down. The primary and secondary windings share common turns, and it provides no isolation.
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of or pertaining to an automobile; as, an auto mechanic.
a direct bolt-on replacement, and often performance
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An abbreviation of automobile.
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a waste of time
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Health & Fitness Money
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automatic transmission
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This coverage is not required by
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EX Automated Execution System
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a very special
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Automotive United Trades Publication
Automatic Automatica