Definitions for "Organism"
An organized being; a living body, either vegetable or animal, composed of different organs or parts with functions which are separate, but mutually dependent, and essential to the life of the individual.
A living thing--a plant, animal, bacterium or other life form.
Any living thing ¡V plant, animal, or microbe.
a clone composed of ECIWOs
a clone consisting of ECIWOs
a large ECIWO whose developmental degree is the highest
a functional system comprising many functional subsystems
an intimate (complementary) coupling between a mechanism and its ecosystem
an oligarchy strictly insofar as certain organs serve a function as to which, in the aggregate, other organs are merely complementary
a meaningful combination of many diverse components
an assemblage of parts each of which is quick with some role it has to play in the whole, while at the same time (and this is vital to the idea) it prompts and quickens every other part to play its diverse role
a unity of and in diversity
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a device for self communication or self preservation, capable therefore of persisting in its own being
a hierarchy of self-regulating holons (a "holarchy") that work in coordination with their environment
a network of self sustaining,
a machine capable of procreating and evolving, which means it has a soul and the sum is always greater than its parts
(a) does not include a human being or a genetic structure derived from a human being;(b) includes a micro-organism;(c) subject to paragraph (a) of this definition, includes a genetic structure that is capable of replicating itself (whether that structure comprises all or only part of an entity, and whether it comprises all or only part of the total genetic structure of an entity);(d) includes an entity (other than a human being) declared by the Governor General by Order in Council to be an organism for the purposes of the Act;(e) includes a reproductive cell or developmental stage of an organism,(f) includes any particle that is a prion.
One or more cells organized in such a way that the unit is capable of reproduction.
Taken as transactionally existent in cosmos. Presentations of it in detachment or quasi-detachment are to be viewed as tentative or partial.
a formation of matter and energy capable of absorbing from the surrounding environment, processing internally, and excreting into the surrounding environment the correct kinds of matter and energy to grow, and reproduce
a message that carries information on how to survive in a specific environment as well as how to adapt to new environments
a message to future generations that specifies how to survive and reproduce
a composite or material system that can be killed by being taken to bits
an integrated composite of many phenotypic features, and the fitness of a genotype at any one locus depends upon the entire genetic context
A form of life composed of mutually dependent parts that maintain various vital processes.
a body composed of different organs or parts performing special functions that are mutually dependent and essential to life
An individual, composed of organ systems (if multicellular). Multiple organisms make up a population.
The highest level of cell organization. All organisms carry out life processes.
a Biosystem which has one or more Cells as parts
a single autonomous system, but so are its cells or even its organs, in the right support media
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Organic structure; organization.
a material tensor structure in space
an accident that is aware of itself
a type of open system in that it is aware and interacts with its surroundings
an integrated system
a stable system, in which a tendency toward variation is confined within certain limits by inheritance
a vast system
a combination of elements such as carbon, iron, hydrogen, potassium, sodium, etc
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a machine, and the laws of physics and chemistry
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a tool of DNA
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a unique kind of existent
an open system and as such cannot be considered without taking into account all the external connections and interactions
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a gene's way of making another gene
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a group of organ systems working together