Definitions for "Gene"
a biological unit of heredity composed of DNA that has a specific function.
Part of the nucleus of a cell that determines how our bodies look and work. Genes are passed from parents to children
A portion of DNA in the nucleus of a cell which controls an inheritable trait.
Gene is a popular bestselling thriller novel by Stel Pavlou (born 1970), published in 2005 in England by Simon and Schuster. It is published in many languages with some significant title changes. The Italian edition has the title La Conspirazione del Minotauro (The Minotaur Conspiracy).
Gene (formed 1993, disbanded 2004) were an English alternative rock quartet who rose to prominence in the mid-90s. They were popularly labelled as a Britpop band and often drew somewhat superficial comparisons to The Smiths, if only because of their slightly Morrissey-esque lead singer, Martin Rossiter. In truth, Gene's music owes more to acts as diverse as The Jam, The Small Faces, The Style Council, and The Clash, to name a few.
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Usually short for Eugene.
The biological component found in every cell that contains the information necessary for life to persist. The "blueprints" for life.
Pool- Collective genetic information contained in a population of sexually reproducing organisms.
Each living organism has thousands of genes that make up the ‘code of lifeâ€(tm). Each one affects a certain characteristic. For example, we have genes that affect our height, the shape of our feet, our ability to fight off disease, etc
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Gene Therapy Generic Drug
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Determines such things as hair color, eye color, height, and the possible risk of getting certain diseases.
A single component of the genetic message transmitted from parent to child.