Definitions for "Exon"
Coding region of DNA. See CDS.
The coding sequences in a split gene. Contrast with intron, the intervening noncoding region.
DNA sequences of eukaryotic genes that are transcribed and retained in the mature mRNA after introns are spliced out.
The only surviving circuit return from the places in Great Domesday. This circuit covered Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Wiltshire and Somerset, and Exon provides the original recordings of the commissioners responsible for this area, which were then abbreviated into Domesday.
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Pharmacodynamic Villus
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Outpatient Virion
A native or inhabitant of Exeter, in England.
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an Open Reading Frame (ORF) defined by an acceptor site and a donor site
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Phenotypes Ulcer
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Networks Ubiquitin Nucleus
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An officer of the Yeomen of the Guard; an Exempt.
Common slang term for sexual intercourse (literally, "screw" or "fuck").
Exon is general-purpose programming language