Definitions for "Devon"
Halloween - S2 - Lead singer of Dingoes Ate My Baby
Devon is a fictional character on the TV series The Office. His first line is on Halloween although he can be seen in the background during Season 1. In a deleted scene from Diversity Day, he is seen with a post-it note on his head that says West Nile, and on The Dundies, when Dwight Schrute warns him to keep his awards speech short.
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One of a breed of hardy cattle originating in the country of Devon, England. Those of pure blood have a deep red color. The small, longhorned variety, called North Devons, is distinguished by the superiority of its working oxen.
a county in southwestern England
red dual-purpose cattle of English origin
Devon Station is a commuter rail station located in the western suburbs of Philadelphia at Station Rd & N Waterloo Rd, Devon, Pennsylvania 19333,+Devon,+PA&hl=en. It is served by most R5 Paoli-Thorndale trains.
Devon is a type of manufactured meat product sold in Australia (also referred to as "Polony" particularly in Western Australia, and as "Fritz" in South Australia). Devon would be classed as "Luncheon Meat" in the UK. It is similar in appearance and taste to Bologna sausage.
The "Devon" is an alcoholic beverage that originated in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, invented by Devon Hewitt at the bar Halo on November 11, 2006. A Devon is made by filling a Collins glass with ice, then adding 1 part of vodka, 1/2 part raspberry sourpuss, 1/2 part blue curacao, splash of lime juice, then topped with lemon lime soda. A very sweet drink with a turquoise color.
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Hub The group, comprising statutory and voluntary sector champions from each LSP, which has come together initially to review and develop the Compact for Devon and its associated Codes of Good Practice. It is hoped that the work to promote, review and continually develop the Compact for Devon will ultimately become the responsibility of the LSP's. The Devon Hub will remain in existence to bring together representatives from the 9 LSP's to carry out other relevant pieces of work. Click here to go to the page about the Devon Hub.
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a lovely place, but it is not Cornwall
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One of the Premier Dressage & In-Hand Horse Shows in the USA