Definitions for "Welsh"
Of or pertaining to Wales, or its inhabitants.
The language of Wales, or of the Welsh people.
The natives or inhabitants of Wales.
To cheat by avoiding payment of bets; -- said esp. of an absconding bookmaker at a race track.
To avoid dishonorably the fulfillment of a pecuniary obligation.
cheat by avoiding payment of a gambling debt
An acronym coined by American Pat Steigman. It describes a method of describing a given throw. The five characteristics that can be controlled by the thrower are the angle with respect to the wind (W), the elevation of the throw (E), the amount of layover (L), the amount of spin (S) and the hardness of the throw (H). For example, a description of throwing a fast catch boomerang might be W:90° E:0° L:0° S:high H:high. An Accuracy throw might be W:60° E:10° L:20° S:low H:medium.
a sturdy, relatively calm terrier with a steady temperament
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Generic term used to describe publications produced overnight for The Welsh Assembly Government. These jobs are produced from PDF files received from TSO in Cardiff via ISDN and are usually produced digitally via the OCE web line.
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Welsh breed of dual-purpose cattle