Definitions for "Figs"
Common abbreviation for the core European languages French, Italian, German, and Spanish.
French, Italian, German and Spanish - sometimes treated as a group.
Abbreviation for the language set: French, Italian, German and Spanish.
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DRIED the slightly crunchy, dehydrated form of a black or golden fruit. They can be eaten as is or used as an ingredient in savoury dishes or desserts GLACE figs cooked and preserved in heavy syrup
Official Fruit of Lux. Also known as phfigs to those in the know.
A summer to autumn fruit best suited to hot dry summers and cool wet winters. A sub-tropical species. Some varieties will produce two crops – including the breba crop, which grows on old wood and produces a larger sized fruit than the later or second crop. Varieties included Black Genoa – the classic purple-skinned, deep red-fleshed fig, Brown Turkey – brown outside with pretty pink aromatic flesh and the very sweet White Adriatics, with white-green-pink flesh.
A distinctive smell often associated with ripe deep flavoured reds and sometimes found in Sémillon.
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Some white wines are said to taste vaguely of figs.