Definitions for "Spanish"
Massive, masculine, robust, and vigorous, Spanish furniture until the 16th century was Moorish-inspired and marked by rich inlays and carving, brilliant color, and decorated leather. Renaissance influence introduced wrought-iron stretchers and braces, square sling seats for chairs, large ornamental nailheads, and ornate metal mountings.
Always massive and masculine, robust and vigorous, Spanish furniture for some 700 years (until the 16th century) was Moorish-inspired; marked by the rich inlays, carving, brilliant color, decorated leather(tooled, painted, or embossed). The Renaissance brought wrought iron stretchers and braces; sling seats on square chairs; large ornamental nailheads; ornate metal mounts and the vargueno (desk box with fall front).
Of or pertaining to Spain or the Spaniards.
The language of Spain.
the people of Spain
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