Definitions for "GOES"
Satellites orbiting at 22,370 miles above the Earth's surface with the same rotational velocity as the Earth; therefore, the satellite remains over the same location on the Earth 24 hours a day. Besides sending back satellite pictures to earth, it also relays the DCPs river and rainfall data back to the ground receiving located at Wallops Island, Virginia.
a class of satellite operated by NOAA, positioned in a nearly stationary orbit over the equator at an altitude of about 22,500 miles. GOES-8 is currently the operational "east" spacecraft at 75 degrees West longitude, while GOES-10 is the "west" spacecraft located at 135 degrees West. GOES-11 is in standby at 110 degrees West
American geostationary satellites, GOES-E is positioned over the USA / South America and GOES-W is positioned over the Pacific Ocean. See also Meteosat and GMS.
eostationary perational nvironmental atellite.
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