Definitions for "tracking"
A typographic term that refers to letter spacing of a range of text. Tracking adjustment will allow overall tightness or looseness of copy to be quickly adjusted to help achieve a particular visual effect or to help fit copy onto a page.
Altering the spacing between characters of a word or words. Distinct from kerning, which usually alters the spacing between character pairs only.
Kerning between all glyphs in the shape, not just the kerning pairs already defined by the font. You can increase or decrease interglyph spacing by using a track number See also: kerning
The ability of an instrument to indicate at the scale mark being checked when energized by the proportional value of actual end-scale excitation.
A zoom lens that can stay in focus while zooming from wide angle to telephoto position is said to be tracking.
1) The ability of a stylus to faithfully trace the grooves of a record. 2) The pressure applied to the stylus by the counterweight of the tonearm.
physically moving a film or video camera either parallel or at right angles to the subject.
Moving horizontally during freefall. Used to approach or depart from other skydivers.
a woman (oddly interviewed here in a moving car)
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The positioning of video heads during playback of a tape so that the heads reproduce the strongest possible signal. Tracking is adjusted on the deck prior to digitizing.
The act of keeping the the holes in the paper roll in line with the holes in the tracker bar. Often, this is accomplished by an automatic tracking mechanism which senses the position of the roll with respect to the tracker bar and adjusts as needed; however, some early player mechanisms, and some less expensive later mechanisms, require the operator to adjust the tracking with a manual lever. (See Testing the Tracker - click here)
An adjustment or design consideration that is intended to keep the belt centered on the treadmill. Some manufacturers use belt "keepers" or metal rods on the underside of the frame to keep the belt centered. A disadvantage of this design is that keepers
Blade tips following the same path during rotation.
If the pitch of both rotor blades is not exact, one rotor blade will be slightly off axis of the other blade, it will look like one blade is higher then the other. Viewed from the side with blades at eye level rotor blades would look like this: Ideally, you want perfect tracking, so that the blades appear to be perfectly flat and look from the side like this
To set both blades of a helicopter to rotate at the same level. Report this Word Added by: RCer22
Daily or weekly behavioral or academic tracking that results in feedback and/or contingent reinforcement to a student during the school day. Tracking can also include public posting. Data are collected regularly, evaluated and program adjustments are made as needed. This is a level I procedure.
Putting students into classes based on perceived ability to learn; students may be tracked as college-bound, general vocational, or remedial; in elementary schools this often called grouping. See ability grouping.
Permanently grouping students by ability, such as in the "low", "middle", or "high" math or reading group.
(1) Keeping tabs on satellites in orbit, or (2) when your video picture tears.
Ground facilities employed to follow the progress and to communicate with a satellite.
An earth station feature that allows for following the motion of inclined satellites.
Monitoring a collection a stocks, whether held in a real or imaginary portfolio,...
Monitoring or following students for a period of time to measure progress and performance.
A series of repeated surveys in which the same questions are asked, so that a measure can be tracked over time. Often used in measuring the reach of advertising. A form of monitoring.
(carpet) This is as it sounds, the imprints of your feet left on the carpet. It is more predominant on cut piles than loop piles and is only a temporary problem as it vanishes after vacuuming.
A footprint effect on carpets. The effect is temporary and disappears after a vacuuming.
Tracking in hunting is the science and art of observing a place through animal footprints and other signs, including: tracks, beds, chews, scat, hair, etc. Specifically, mapping a changing landscape and soaking up sensory data like a sponge. Another goal is the further understanding of the systems and patterns around you, including that of the animal life.
Process of finding charged track signatures in the detector and fitting them to a specific parameterization.
The reconstruction of a ``track'' left in a detector by the passage of a particle through the detector.
In particle physics, the tracking is the act of measuring the direction and magnitude of charged particles momenta. The particles entering a tracker (the device used for tracking), release part of their energy in the device: the tracker has to be finely segmented in order to be able to reconstruct with good precision where the particle passed. Since the tracking is usually made in a reagion where a magnetic field is present, it is possible to reconstruct part of the helic made by the particle inside the tracker (that is called track), and from the track parameters, and by knowing the mass of the particle under study (which is known by the use of particle identification), it is possible to reconstruct the actual direction and magnitude of the particle momenta.
A characteristic in a multiple output power supply where any changes in the output voltage of one output caused by line, load, and/or temperature are proportional to similar changes in accompanying outputs.
A characteristic of dual or multiple output power supplies in which one or more outputs follow another output with changes in line, load or temperature, such that each maintains the same proportional output voltage with respect to common.
is a characteristic of a bit sync where the output bit rate varies with (follows) the input bit rate. Track range is a measurement of tracking and defines the range in percent of bit rate from a nominal value in which tracking will be maintained without bit slips.
The ability of online advertising to measure every step of the advertising process from impression to click to action to advertiser revenue. Tracking is done with server logs, ad management software, and other software packages.
Means of measuring visitors who are exposed to a banner ad and their post-click results.
The measurement of click-throughs within an ad placement - usually done by the ad server or at a third party location.
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The process or system that controls the position of the optical pickup over the desired disk tracks to assure precise reading and writing.
Tracking is important for the most accurate reading of the information being retrieved from a disc. Located on a DVD disc is tracking and A/V data. The laser reads the primary information that represents the audio and video signals to be displayed, as well as pits on either side of the main track which serve to provide tracking information. The information they return to the pick-up keeps the main beam spot aimed at the correct track on the disc, resulting in accurate retrieval of digital information.
Mechanism that controls the optical pickup of a drive so that it can record and play back data with the preciseness of a target value on the track of a disc.
The condition that prevails when simultaneously tuned circuits maintain close resonance for the tuned signal frequency.
Tracking is a sub-function of AutoScan or AutoSync, as used by data video projectors. The width of the projected image is tuned in the range of the tracking to obtain the best noise-free display possible.
Collecting and evaluating the statistics from which one can measure the effectiveness of an e-mail or an e-mail campaign.
Collecting and evaluating the statistics from which one can measure the effectiveness of an email or an email campaign.
In an email marketing campaign, measuring behavioral activities such as click-throughs and open-ups.
The transfer of ink from one area of the printed product to an area it is not wanted. Tracking usually runs parallel to the movement of the web through the press, as it occurs in the process of the web moving through the press, press rollers, or folder usually at a pressure point or where there is a build-up of ink on the equipment.
In and electrostatic printer a dirty roller can mark the print, leaving track like marks, sometimes called "tramlines". Also, in electrographic printing, this term refers to side-to-side movement of the media on the printer, caused by the tension in the printer string-up.
Any side to side movement of the web as it passes through the press.
The logging of inbound and outbound messages based on a predefined criteria. Logging is usually done to allow for further analysis of the data at a future date or time.
A dual-chamber pacing function in which atrial activity is sensed and results in a paced ventricular response after a predefined delay (the AV interval).
Tracking features approval levels that are user-defined and also project milestone tables in order to generate project status and cost information, that in turn is tracked for reporting and review. As assigned tasks are achevied, company supervisors must make daily entries that identify the number of hours a taks has been worked on, or materials that have been used, and also the number of work units that have been completed. The information is then made available for project jeopardy tracking/cost tracking and the determination of the contractor payments due.
A carrier's system of recording movement intervals of shipments from origins to destinations.
Documenting/recording the location and timing of BMP implementation.
Creating, capturing and maintaining information about the movement and uses of records. Source: Adapted from Standards Australia, AS ISO 15489, Part 1, Clause 3.19.
The process of keeping rack of the letters played on the board. This can give the astute player an advantage as the game progresses. Careful trackers can deduce opponent's rack after there are no letters left to draw. By tracking the player can often block opponent's best plays or set high-scoring plays that an opponent can't block. Players are allowed to play with their own Preprinted Tracking Sheet alongside their Score Sheet. See " PREPRINTED TRACKING SHEET".
Moving and staying with an opponent who has made a run to another part of the field.
Boxman keeps track of players who have casino player card by keeping track of average bet and amount of time spent at the table.
Thruster control (station keeping) is controlled by digital programming or analogue time-control. Position and direction are calculated from the RF beacon signal.
The degree to which a component responds to the dictates of the audio signal, without lag or overshoot.
the maintenance of records concerning various aspects of mailings, e.g., response rate, date mailed, location of respondents, etc.
Maintenance of records concerning various aspects of mailings such as response rates, mail dates and location of respondents.
A process of following the progress of a loan application. This information should be fed back from the lender or packager to the introducer.
The capability that a learning management system provides to capture student progress and interaction data produced by content for storage in, and subsequent retrieval from, a data store. Back to top of glossary
The act of receiving periodic updates on the progress of a shipment.
The process of aligning a band tool on the band carrier heels so that the band tool is in proper relation to the table, work backup bearings, and saw guide inserts.
After initial acquisition, the process of maintaining alignment of the local PN sequence of an SS radio receiver relative to the corresponding sequence received from the radio transmitter, in order to despread the spread signal.
Referring to data, the process of maintaining and editing data, especially for transactions such as work orders.
In regards to feature films, the process of measuring a soon-to-be-released film's popularity within the general public. Tracking allows a studio to know whether or not a film's marketing is effectively reaching the target audience. In regards to screenplays, the process of checking the internal logic of the plot. "Something about the HALO rings just isn't tracking." In regards to development , the sharing of information between development executives about what screenplays are coming onto the market.
a method of contouring. Utilized when one limb acts as a track for another so that the accuracy of the strike is guaranteed.
The lowest value of a measured quality at which a sensor meets its accuracy specification.
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Track layer(s) on a pcb.
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The act of reporting CTR, open ratios, bounces, etc.
Pursuance of an individual user's behavior at a Web site.
The function of maintaining status information, including current location, of cargo, cargo items, consignments or containers either full or empty.
Paying attention to particular aspects of the training. Can be done consciously or, with practice, unconsciously.
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Stabilized gun solution.
A feature that enables the magnified area to change its viewing area automatically when another object outside the magnified view becomes active.
Actively noticing what specifically is occurring in someone else's experience, in yourself, or even the environment that you are present to. It's a method of collecting data.
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In marketing terms, the process of noting where you get good response from your promotion activities, such as newspaper ads.
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A board's "tracking" is how it rides through the water. A board with strong tracking holds a strong edge or holds steady well. A board with loose tracking is loose in the water.
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same as portfolio tracking
Tracking links advertisements, customers, and the actions they complete to give you a clear understanding of how your customers interact with you online.
A measure of how closely a fund track its respective benchmark or index.
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See Tile Tracking.
This is the process of following a mortgage application from beginning to end. This can sometimes be done on-line or through updates passed from the lender directly to the borrower or their mortgage broker.
an essential feature of the unique mechanism of action
A software feature that uses modeling to help a Call Center plan agent assignments and evaluate its performance.
The process and method of following web traffic, usually done by placing cookies on users' computers
observing and (electronically) documenting
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Gathering information about who accesses a Web site, how often, and in what manner.
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See call tracking and resource tracking.