Definitions for "Pan "
The god of shepherds, guardian of bees, and patron of fishing and hunting. He is usually represented as having the head and trunk of a man, with the legs, horns, and tail of a goat, and as playing on the shepherd's pipe (also called the pipes of Pan), which he is said to have invented.
The Greek god who watches over shepherds and their flocks. He has the hindquarters, legs, and horns of a goat, in the same manner as a satyr. His parentage is unclear; in some legends he is the son of Zeus and in some he is the son of Hermes. His mother is said to be a nymph.
(from Greek, 'the grazer') Originally, a pastoral god, half goat and half man, protector and feeder of the flocks. Later, because his name resembled the Greek word for 'all', he began to be thought of as the god of all nature.
To scan (a movie camera), usu. in a horizontal direction, to obtain a panoramic effect; also, to move the camera so as to keep the subject in view.
A knob on stereo mixers that routes the audio signal from a particular input channel to either the left or right stereo channels or a mixture of both.
To move the viewed area of text or image left and right through the horizontally larger text or image. See also Scroll.
The part of a flintlock which holds the priming.
Of a matchlock, wheel lock or flintlock gun, the receptacle for holding the priming charge.
The small dish-shaped container on the side or top of a matchlock, wheel-lock, or flintlock firearm used to hold the priming powder charge.
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A leaf of gold or silver.
The betel leaf; also, the masticatory made of the betel leaf, etc. See Betel.
A recess, or bed, for the leaf of a hinge.
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Partido Acci& n Nacional
Partidos Acci& n Nacional
Plan Admissions Number: The number of children the LEA (or governing body of an Aided School) determines can be admitted to the school. It can be above the Standard Number (see below) but may not be below it.
Planned admission number. The maximum number of pupils a particular school may admit. This figure may have to be adjusted following the outcome of appeals by parents against an authority's decision not to admit their child to the school of their choice.
Permanent Account Number
A natural basin, containing salt or fresh water, or mud.
Peroxyacetyl nitrate.
Peroxyacyl Nitrate
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One part of the penal apparatus employed in that punitive institution, a woman's kitchen. The frying-pan was invented by Calvin, and by him used in cooking span-long infants that had died without baptism; and observing one day the horrible torment of a tramp who had incautiously pulled a fried babe from the waste-dump and devoured it, it occurred to the great divine to rob death of its terrors by introducing the frying-pan into every household in Geneva. Thence it spread to all corners of the world, and has been of invaluable assistance in the propagation of his sombre faith. The following lines (said to be from the pen of his Grace Bishop Potter) seem to imply that the usefulness of this utensil is not limited to this world; but as the consequences of its employment in this life reach over into the life to come, so also itself may be found on the other side, rewarding its devotees: Old Nick was summoned to the skies. Said Peter: "Your intentions Are good, but you lack enterprise Concerning new inventions. "Now, broiling in an ancient plan Of torment, but I hear it Reported that the frying-pan Sears best the wicked spirit. "Go get one -- fill it up with fat -- Fry sinners brown and good in't." "I know a trick worth two o' that," Said Nick -- "I'll cook their food in't."
A shallow, open dish or vessel, usually of metal, employed for many domestic uses, as for setting milk for cream, for frying or baking food, etc.; also employed for various uses in manufacturing.
To separate, as gold, from dirt or sand, by washing in a kind of pan.
A manufactured fibre composed of synthetic linear macromolecules having in the chain at least 85% (by mass) of recurring cyanoethene (acrylonitrile) groups.
A polymer which when spun into fiber is used as a precursor material in the manufacture of certain carbon fibers.
See Polyacrylonitrile.
Planning Advice Note; these are issued by The Scottish Executive and provide advice on good practice and other relevant information.
PLANNING ADVICE NOTES. A series of documents produced by the Scottish Executive providing advice on good planning practice and other relevant information.
Planning Advice Notes. A series of documents on specific planning issues published by the Scottish Executive Development Department to provide advice on good practice and other relevant information to Planning Authorities.
The hard stratum of earth that lies below the soil. See Hard pan, under Hard.
A compact, dense layer in a soil that impedes the movement of water and growth of roots. For example, hardpan, fragipan, claypan, plowpan, and traffic pan.
A compacted or cemented soil horizon Cementation may be effected by iron hydroxides, organic material SiO CaCO or other substances. Syn . Hardpan. Cf . Ortstein. ( BCFT ).
A network in which personal devices or applications dynamically locate and interact with one another. Bluetooth and Jini are examples of emerging PAN technologies. Gartner believes the lifestyle impact of PANs — together with other emerging technologies, such as flexible displays and speech recognition — will be enormous within the next 10 years, leading to a fundamental rethinking of how personal communications and information technology are used in people's everyday lives.
A collection of portable, low power devices (PCs, mobile phones, etc.), communicating wirelessly in close proximity, sharing and synchronizing information. An example would be a laptop computer, PDA and a printer all connected via Bluetooth.
Typically covers the few meters surrounding a user's workspace and provides the ability to synchronize computers, transfers files and gain access to local peripherals like printers and a range of pocket hardware. Examples of wireless PAN technologies are Bluetooth and ultra wideband (UWB).
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Pan is a newsreader which attempts to be pleasing to both new and experienced users. In addition to the standard newsreader features, Pan also supports yEnc, offline newsreading, article filtering, multiple connections, and more features for power users and alt.binaries fans.
a function of the map that allows the user to 'drag' the map around on a virtual desktop
Pan is a news client for the GNOME desktop, developed by Charles Kerr and others. It supports offline reading, multiple servers, multiple connections, fast (indexed) article header filtering and mass saving of multi-part attachments encoded in uuencode, y Enc and base64; images in common formats can be viewed inline. Pan is free software available for Linux, Free BSD, Net BSD, Mac OS X and Windows.
The international radiotelephony urgency signal. Preferably spoken three times, it indicates a condition that concerns the safety of an aircraft or another vehicle, or of some person on board or within sight, but that does not require immediate assistance. Fr: « PAN
international radio call signalling urgency.
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Polyarteritis nodosa
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polyacrylic nitrile
Pan is a novel written by the Norwegian author Knut Hamsun in 1894. One of Hamsun's most famous works, Pan helped him win the Nobel Prize in Literature. Written while he lived in Paris, France (from 1893 - 1895) and in Kristiansand, Norway.
Panoptic. An eyepiece design invented by the extremely well-regarded optical designer Al Nagler and sold by his company TeleVue. Panoptics have a somewhat lesser FOV than do Nagler eyepieces, but still provide a very wide FOV. They provide a terrific view of DSO s, at a lower price than comparable Naglers and are regarded as eyepieces that have a very high value to price ratio for wide-field observing. But they still are expensive eyepieces – fortunately you don’t need very many of them to enjoy observing DSOs.
The flat portion between the ribs in a pan-type preformed sheet.
(1 - Lighting) The movement of lighting or sound from side to side. (2 - Make-up) See pancake.
Flashing used on the upper side of a roof penetration such as a chimney or skylight; sometimes referred as back pan.
Pan (パン), or more properly Son Pan, is a fictional character in the manga and anime series Dragon Ball Z, as well as Dragon Ball GT. She is a Human-Saiyan quarterbreed.
A closed vessel for boiling or evaporating. See Vacuum pan, under Vacuum.
The skull, considered as a vessel containing the brain; the upper part of the head; the brainpan; the cranium.
cooking utensil consisting of a wide metal vessel
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chimpanzees; more closely related to Australopithecus than to other pongids
The standard ("class A") water filled trough from which evaporation is measured by recording water depth changes.
a natural hollow or depression in the ground, especially one in which water stands temporarily and evaporates, leaving a crust of salt. [AHDOS
To criticise (a drama or literary work) harshly.
express a totally negative opinion of; "The critics panned the performance"
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Chromeleon Control Panel
A rotary dish used to separate and concentrate the mineral being recovered from the other constituent minerals of the ore being mined.
Positional Alcohol Nystagmus. Positional nystagmus when the foreign fluid is alcohol. PAN I - The alcohol concentration is higher in the blood than in the vestibular system. PAN II - The alcohol concentration is lower in the blood than in the vestibular system.
Phenyl-Alpha-Naphthylamine, a commonly used antioxidant.
Pan is the largest crater on Jupiter's moon Amalthea. It is 100 kilometers across and at least 8 kilometers deep.
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Original name of the earth, from ah; as, I see what I see; and, only what I see, is. (The name of a continent in the Pacific Ocean, submerged about 24,000 years ago.) See Book of Aph, the flood.
Short for panchromatic. Panchromatic films or emulsions are sensitive to the complete visual spectrum of light from 380nm to 750nm or from blue to red light. There are film emulsions sensitive to parts of the spectrum such as blue sensitive, ortho and infrared.
Designation of films that record all colors in tones of about the same relative brightness as the human eye sees in the original scene, sensitive to all visible wave-lengths.
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A part; a portion.
The part of the toilet that you wee or poo into
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A form of rummy played in some Nevada casinos and California poker clubs.
generally broadcast radio code indicating uncertainty or alert but not an emergency serious enough for a Mayday call
The distance comprised between the angle of the epaule and the flanked angle.
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An IDRC regional project.
To turn out (profitably or unprofitably); to result; to develop; as, the investigation, or the speculation, panned out poorly.
National Mandate Party of Indonesia.
Parkinson s Action Network
Pesticide Action Network
Metal or plastic prefabricated form unit used in construction of concrete floor joist systems.
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French Armored scout car, panhard is the full name.
A ceiling fixture that has a much larger canopy covering the junction box and a minimum of two lights. (Also see: Shower)
A network that surrounds an individual and provides networking between badge-based computers and other input/output devices.
Product Acceptance Notification
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A cell or background that is made bigger then standard in order to do pan shots with.
The frame of your VW in which the suspension and drive train are installed.
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To join or fit together; to unite.
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Covering all
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Personal Area Network