Definitions for "Aphrodite "
Keywords:  goddess, zeus, dione, venus, love
The Greek goddess of love, corresponding to the Venus of the Romans.
A large marine annelid, covered with long, lustrous, golden, hairlike setæ; the sea mouse.
A beautiful butterfly (Argunnis Aphrodite) of the United States.
Aphrodite (born Gavin King), also known as A Zone or DJ Aphro, is a UK jungle and drum'n'bass DJ/producer commonly referred to as the 'Godfather of Jungle', who works along with Micky Finn on their joint Urban Takeover label. One of the oldest dnb producers, he largely contributed to and influenced drum and bass' current styles and techniques.
Aphrodite is a Mozilla-based Web browser that enhances the basic Mozilla application with new functionality and a new interface design, with the Sullivan, FruityGum, and Inferno themes.
Aphrodite is a fictional character played by Alexandra Tydings in and .
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