Definitions for "ISIS"
The principal goddess worshiped by the Egyptians. She was regarded as the mother of Horus, and the sister and wife of Osiris. The Egyptians adored her as the goddess of fecundity, and as the great benefactress of their country, who instructed their ancestors in the art of agriculture.
Egyptian deityh, personification of the divine Mother.
Egyptian goddess of nature (wife and sister of Osiris)
International Species Information System, tracks taxonomic and breeding information of all species, used extensively in zoos and aquarium
International Superconductivity Industry Summit
Institute for Science and International Security
A standard software interface from Pixel Translations for controlling scanners and capturing the image data of a scanned document.
Proprietary device driver manufactured by Pixel Translations Inc that allows the scanned image captured by the scanner to be passed to the host PC. Many scanner manufacturers supply ISIS drivers with their scanners - If not try for a list of ISIS drivers & matching scanners.
A scanner communication standard developed by Pixel Translations.
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Institutional Student Information System - A computerized student record system that supplies all student lists and profiles to tutors.
U.Va.'s Integrated Student Information System. ISIS Online, the Web interface for ISIS, can be found at
Nijmegen University student database.
"Isis" is the second track on the Bob Dylan album Desire. It was written by Bob Dylan in collaboration with Jacques Levy.
Isis is an opera by Jean-Baptiste Lully. The librettist is Lully's frequent collaborator, Philippe Quinault, and like most of Lully's operas, it is a tragédie lyrique. It premièred January 5, 1677 at the court of Saint-Germain-en-Laye and was first published in 1719.
The Malete database core is the new basis of OpenIsis, which has its roots in the UNESCO CDS/ISIS database. Traditionaly used in libraries; now a general purpose highspeed database.
Isis is a Los Angeles, California-based band, founded in Boston, Massachusetts in 1997. They are attributed a great range of labels, including avant garde metal, post-metal, post-rock and experimental, having borrowed from and helped to evolve a sound pioneered by the likes of Neurosis and Godflesh, creating heavy music consisting of lengthy songs that focus on repetition and evolution of structure.
Isis was an independent rock band from Brisbane, Australia, together from 1991 to 1998. Their music had a strong feminist message, and the band became legends of the Brisbane music scene.
The Roman ship Isis was a very large ship that operated on the Mediterranean during the Roman Empire around 150 CE. The sophist Lucian described the Isis when he saw it in Athen's seaport Piraeus. The Isis apparently was 180 feet long and had a beam of 13.7 meters (45 feet).
A twin spectrograph at the WHT. The two `arms' are optimised for response in the red and blue regions of the optical waveband.
Institute for the Secularisation of Islamic Society
Isis is an academic journal published by the University of Chicago devoted to the history of science, history of medicine, and the history of technology, as well as their cultural influences, featuring both original research articles as well as extensive book reviews and review essays. It was founded in 1912 by George Sarton and is the official publication of the History of Science Society, the primary professional society for the discipline of the history of science and technology. It is the oldest English-language journal devoted to the subject, and is published quarterly.
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Any coral of the genus Isis, or family Isidæ, composed of joints of white, stony coral, alternating with flexible, horny joints. See Gorgoniacea.
integrated spatial information system. See geographic information system.
Integrated Surveillance Intelligence System
The Institute for Software Integrated Systems ( ISIS).
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The name for the part of the River Thames that runs through Oxford.
a direct competitor, but it's not your role to censure posts about them
Industry Support Information Services. The ISIS system supports all NASD regulatory activities set forth in its charter and the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. The system includes information applications for securities industry personnel and issuer companies, including databases on registered personnel, issues, members, and market data users.
See Industry Support Information Services
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One of the asteroids.
Independent Schools Information Service.