Definitions for "ITU"
The ITU is an agency of the United Nations and is responsible for overseeing all aspects of telecommunication.
International Telecommunication Union. An agency of the United Nations, the parent organization of the CCITT (now called the ITSS).
International Telecommunication Union. A specialized agency under the United Nations that regulates and promotes international telecommunications. Formerly known as CCITT.
Intensive Therapy Unit (same as Intensive Care)
Once the patient has been operated on, he can be moved to an intensive therapy unit. Here the ITU team can rehearse a whole range of management techniques including analysis of shock states and the adjustment of the complex modern ventilators, which are used in this environment. This includes methods of weaning the patient from mechanical ventilation.
intermodal transport unit. Swap bodies, containers, and semi-trailers used and suitable for intermodal transport.
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