Definitions for "payload"
The part of a missile or torpedo that carries the explosive charge.
The goods carried by a large vehicle.
Item being delivered The cargo of data contained in the packets and transmitted across a network eg Voice data in VoIP
Payload refers to the damaging function of a virus in the wild. Launching this damaging function may be dependent on a condition, the so-called payload trigger. The definition of payload is disputed, as some researchers also consider the use of system resources and transmission bandwidth as payload.
Some viruses have a payload date, when they actually do something. Payloads are like the clock ticking inside an infected a computer, a trigger date if you will, for when something will happen. For example, the Michelangelo virus may infect a computer and sit dormant until March 6th, when it erases the hard drive of the infected computer.
A payload refers to an action caused by a virus, whether it be as simple as leaving a tag ("have a good day") or causing more serious problems, as with ‘malicious payloads.' These viruses get more media attention than those that merely spread quickly, because they often cause enormous damage to a system. The usual form a malicious payload will take involves overwriting certain essential files and programs. However, whether the virus results in any kind of payload at all, it puts a drain on the systems resources. A payload is not the only way to damage your system, especially with combination malware becoming more prevalent.
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The 48-byte data portion of an ATM cell.
The "information portion" of a Protocol Data Unit, exclusive of framing, header, (and possibly "trailer") information. Frames have payloads of variable length. Cells have fixed length payloads. Click here to view a diagram
The part of an ATM cell that contains the information being sent.
"carico utile, carico remunerativo, carico di esplosivi della testata di un missile"
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from a klog apart
That part of a spam which the spammer is really advertising. For example you have a spam and that spam has a "from" address of "[email protected]". If the spam asks you to hit "reply" for more info then in this case the address "[email protected]" is the payload, so you want to make sure to complain to "[email protected]"
A trucking practice; after delivery of a shipment, a trucker picks up another shipment before returning to a warehouse. Also known as backhaul.
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Equipment designed and developed for the purpose of performing experiments onboard the on-orbit International Space Station. Throughout this document, a payload refers to an integrated package of both experiment hardware and its container, such as a drawer in an EXPRESS rack. Elements such as the MPLM are not considered payloads in this document and are identified by the generic term "element" or by the actual name.
A protocol structure encapsulating a set of logical ICE operations delivered at discrete intervals. A payload is a single instance of an XML document formatted according to the protocol definitions contained in this specification.
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The data describing an event. Three different payload formats are supported: binary, text/calendar, and text/XML.