Definitions for "Stealth"
The bringing to pass anything in a secret or concealed manner; a secret procedure; a clandestine practice or action; -- in either a good or a bad sense.
Stealth viruses hide within a system to avoid being detected by anti-virus programs. Stealth viruses will sometimes redirect calls (or information) to an infected file.
avoiding detection by moving carefully
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Stealth is a 2005 action/adventure thriller starring Josh Lucas, Jessica Biel and Jamie Foxx. The movie is directed by Rob Cohen.
Stealth is a steel roller coaster built by Intamin AG of Switzerland. The coaster is located in the Amity Cove area of Thorpe Park in Surrey, England and is the park's newest roller coaster. The ride reaches a maximum height of 205 ft, which makes it the 3rd tallest coaster in Europe after Silver Star and Pepsi Max Big One, but the tallest launched coaster in Europe.
trans community's term for transfolks who pass as their chosen gender 24/7 and who generally have no contact with other transfolks.
1. Living and passing in society in the opposite gender role, with absolutely no contact with the Community, and no knowledge of such by friends, coworkers, associates, etc. 2. Highly closeted, giving no hint of being transgendered to friends, spouse, etc. 3. Any of several variants of the above. Term is somewhat overloaded.
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DEX is primary, while both SIZ and POW are negative! This is the one great drawback of POW - high soul force tends to make you a bit more noticable. Joe's obviously not a born thief. His DEX of 12 gives him +2, but his POW of 13 subtracts 3 from that and his SIZ of 13 subtracts 3 more, giving him a total of 2 - 3 - 3 = ! Category bonuses are only calculated when the character is created. If a characteristic changes, of course, the relevent category bonus changes too, along with all the skills in that category. SKILL DETAILS
enables you to sneak up on monsters without being noticed.
Measure of training and ability in moving without being seen, an exceptional skill for vampires and nightwalkers whom can easily blend in and become of the shadows. The higher the skill, the less likely of moving without discovery. Must have a minimum of 6 in agility to obtain this skill.
Stealth is a webcomic created, written and drawn by William Satterwhite. Set in the fictional Terminus City, the series centers on Allen White, a young man who, as Stealth, fights crime and protects the innocent. Originally published on the Web, material can be purchased in print online.
Stealth is your ability to walk around unnoticed by sleeping nasties. Very useful to rogues, since they can backstab sleeping creatures for extra damage.
A number that shows how difficult a minion is to block. It is compared to the intercept number of the minion that is attempting to block to determine if the block is successful.
If a card has Stealth and Engages in Battle, its opponent cannot deal any of its Ranged attacks (combat damage) to the card with Stealth until the card with Stealth hits its opponent at least once with one of its Ranged attacks (combat damage), thus 'revealing' itself. Until the Stealthed card 'reveals' itself, its opponent can only change Range or Retreat during any of its moves. If both cards have Stealth, they cancel and Stealth has no affect. Stealth is regained every time a card with Stealth Engages in Battle with a new card. An attacking card with Stealth may still be blocked as normal.
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Electric-Only driving (up to 42 MPH) without the engine running.
A broad term referring to the hiding of data from a user or robot. Often this includes Obfuscation where by the data presented looks correct, but there is something wrong with it. In the context of search engine optimization this can include Stealth Meta Tags that are displayed for search engine robot but not users.
The thing stolen; stolen property.
a beautiful thing to behold
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a little cheaper
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The act of stealing; theft.