Definitions for "Tunneling"
Encapsulation data in an IP packet for transport across the internet.
During tunneling, data from one protocol is embedded in another network protocol. This allows for secure (encrypted) connections (such as SSH) to be created via unsecured networks (TCP/IP, SMTP). A tunnel can also be used to circumvent a firewall. A user from the intranet can employ an outgoing tunnel to access external computers, networks or services. An incoming tunnel allows an external user access to a service, computer or data on the intranet.
The process of encrypting an entire IP packet, and wrapping it in another (unencrypted) IP packet. The source and destination addresses on the inner and outer packets may be different.
Tunneling is a virus technique designed to allow viruses to tunnel under antivirus applications in order to get around their monitoring. Antivirus programs function by halting actions of the operating system that allow the virus to be executed. Tunneling viruses try to redirect these actions of the OS and execute the virus.
A virus that avoids standard interfaces to infect files. This allows the virus to infect files without being noticed by a behavior blocker.
A virus technique designed to prevent anti-virus applications from working correctly. Anti-virus programs work by intercepting the operating system actions before the OS can execute a virus. Tunneling viruses try to intercept the actions before the anti-virus software can detect the malicious code. New anti-virus programs can recognize many viruses with tunneling behavior.
Quantum mechanical process by which a particle can pass through a barrier rather than having to go over the barrier
(barrier penetration) the existence of a non-zero probability that a particle will appear outside a barrier that it cannot classically penetrate
A quantum-mechanical effect causing particles to pass through an energy barrier without having the energy normally associated with that barrier. In the context of transistors, electron tunneling has been observed across opens in metal lines, causing logic gates to function at low frequencies but fail at high frequencies.
The uneven burning of a cigar.
The unwelcome phenomenon of having your cigar burn unevenly. To prevent it, rotate your cigar now and then.
The separation of a laminate from a substrate, appearing in a straight line/channel, due to insufficient adhesion, inadequate tension/stability during application, inadequate quality of substrate, or improper curing after application.
A condition occurring in completely bonded laminates, characterized by release of longitudinal portions of the substrates and deformation of these portions to form tunnel-like structures.
Tunneling is a colloquial for financial fraud committed by company's own management or major shareholders, consisting of legally pumping out valuable property into their own, private firms. It should be distinguished from theft which is illegal.
Positioning a radar so that vegetation is to the sides and rear in order to reduce the side and back lobes of radiation and decrease radar vulnerability to direction-finding equipment.
The act or process of digging a horizontal passageway through or under an obstruction.
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boring a hole under root zones; alternative to trenching to protect roots.
A construction method of excavating an opening beneath the ground without continuous disturbance of the ground surface and of large-enough diameter to allow individuals access and erection of a ground support system at the location of material excavation.
Making a passage through plant material by the feeding of larvae.
A methodology that allows digital data to be transmitted and read at another location that uses a different format from the original source.
use of one data transfer method to carry data for another method
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Providing a temporary, but secure, path over the internet.
Tunneling is a way to channel communications between a server and a remote user. Secure methods of tunneling involve encryption.
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See HTTP tunneling.
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