Definitions for "Intranet"
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An organization's private, internal network that transports information. Intranet uses the same software and standards the Internet, but is accessible only to members of the organization. It is protected from outside intrusion by a combination of firewalls and other security measures.
A private network that works like the Internet, except that it can only be seen by a select group of people, such as the employees of a company.
An Intranet belongs are often utilized by larger companies such as corporation or independent organization. Accessibility is given to only approved employees / members, with the Network Administrator setting the permission level. Like the Internet itself, intranet's are used to share information. An Intranet is also referred as LAN (Local Area Network).
Computers connected for exchanging messages or other information within a specific environment such as a designated computer lab.
A communicating system of computers that is theoretically confined to one place.
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