Definitions for "Offline"
The state of not being connected to the Internet.
The condition of being disconnected from a device or network. Offline: applies to the intentional disconnection from the device or network, as well as the disconnection that follows a system fault or failure.
no connection between computers; see online.
Pertaining to items that are unavailable to the computer, such as offline disks or media files.
Refers to clips that are currently unavailable to your project. This may be because they haven't been captured yet, or because they've been moved to another location.
allows you to choose the start up mode of Netscape.
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The plex was disabled by the vxmend off operation. See vxmend(1M) for more information.
Refers to non-participants in the TVRS system
This refers to requesting an authorization non-electronically.
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Taking the storage router offline indicates that all SCSI and FC adapters in the storage router are offline. Taking a SCSI adapter offline means ending inputs/outputs and suspending all transactions going from the storage router to the specified SCSI devices. The SCSI adapter is no longer active or available for access. Taking a FC adapter offline means ending inputs/outputs and suspending all transactions going from the storage router to the specified FC device.
A device is said to be "offline" when it is not ready to accept input.
Digital cameras with internal memory.
Creative editing process which uses copies of the camera tapes on a typically "cuts only" inexpensive editing system.
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Term used referring to other airlines.
To print an additional color or varnish coat after a project has been printed.
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The state in which the printer is not able to carry out two-way communication with the host.
No host commands are accepted, and no status messages are sent to the attached hosts.
Removes the data portion of a backup from the system. The index portion (with volume information) is still resident on the system.
A term used to indicate that a transaction is not processed in real time (See: Batch Processing).
Stored information not accessible from operator's terminal. At present, off-line retrieval function required on traffic over 3 days.
Pertaining to equipment not under direct control of the central processing unit.
System that is currently not running Show related articles
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Not available to the network.