Definitions for "Backbone"
The part of the network that carries the heaviest traffic, normally LAN to LAN
(2005-09-19) Chris Limb The part of a major network that connects other minor networks together
In a network, a backbone is a larger transmission path into which smaller lines feed. At the enterprise level, a backbone is a line or set of lines that local area networks connect to for a wide area network connection or within a local area network to span distances efficiently (for example, between buildings).
The column of bones in the back which sustains and gives firmness to the frame; the spine; the vertebral or spinal column.
The exposed part of a bound volume when shelved. Also called spine and shelf back.
The back of a bound book. Also known as a spine.
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The acid in a wine. A wine that has insufficient acidity "lacks backbone".
Term used to describe the key flavor of a wine/varietal
Describes the structure of a wine and usually refers to the level of acidity in a wine.
The continuous covalent path through a molecule. For polypeptides, the backbone includes all peptide bonds, alternating with alpha carbons, plus disulphide bonds. for polynucleotides, the backbone includes all phosphodiester bonds, alternating with the C3'-C4'carbons in the sugar (ribose or deoxyribose).
In protein, the continuous chain of amino nitrogens, alpha carbons and carbonyl carbons in the polypeptide chain (i.e. everything except the amino acid side chains).
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Backdoor Biometrics
refers to the heavier lines used to send large amounts of informa-tion between large computers.
The physical infrastructure of the interent: a chain of conections between large servers in different locations.
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a collective term for the STM-4 (622Mb/s) SDH circuits and/or Cisco GSR series routing hardware.
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Depending on the configuration of your frame, Rolling Thunder will install one of 4 backbone configurations: Straight, Single Bend, Double Bend, or Double/Single Bend (only used if you're going negative in your down tubes). A radius bend can also be added to your backbone. A Double Bend is required if you're going to run Flat Bob gas tanks. A straight backbone is generally used on chopper style configurations. A single bend backbone is often used on Pro-Street configurations that don't have a negative in the down tubes. We will recommend the right backbone configuration for you.
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Firmness; moral principle; steadfastness.
A cable to which multiple nodes or workstations are attached.
The part of a premises distribution system that included a main cable route and facilities for supporting the cable from the equipment room to the upper floors or along the same floor to the wiring closets.
A pathway or cable that joins multiple computers across small distances ( within the same building ) or multiple LAN's across long distances.
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The pipe or box like sub-structure that supports the rails on a steel coaster.
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n. The bony, internal axis of a vertebrate body that grows with the animal while providing attachment for muscles and support for the body.
Several file servers grouped together with software that distributes the workload of several users according to which file server can handle a certain task at a given time.
Backbone is a object oriented, light-weight and programmer friendly PHP 5 framework.
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Anything like , or serving the purpose of, a backbone.
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the center end of a book between the front and back covers.