Definitions for "Network node"
An APPN node which provides a full set of APPN functions, such as routing between sessions, route selection, and directory services. IBM has published the spec of the network node as part of its attempt to turn APPN into a public standard, and by early 1993, the first non-IBM implementations were available.
A node that can define the paths or routes, control route selection, and handle directory services for the APPN function.
Synonym for APPN network node. A node that offers full SNA end-user services and that can provide the following to its local LUs and client end nodes: Distributed directory services Intermediate routing services within an APPN network Network services The APPN network node cooperates with other network nodes to maintain a network topology database, which is used to select optimal routes for LU-LU sessions based on requested classes of service. An APPN network node can also attach to a subarea network as a peripheral node or to other end nodes.
In a topological description of a network, a point of junction of the links. Switching center used in data networks, particularly in the context of packet-switching.
An addressable device attached to a computer network used to identify locations of peripherals.
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